Can't see billing details

Can't see billing details

Can't see billing details

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Can't see billing details

I can't see the billing details on the online account anywhere. I read several similar post and the answer. I don't see anything close to Print / Save bill on the billing tab. 


Seriously, you guys are a established company in BC, and your customer support teams are pretty great. Why won't you hire a professional team to do your new site? Ever since the switch to this new online account, it's been seriously bug ridden. How long has it been? 1 year? 2? This is really not cool, coz the phone customer support has been cut back, we are relying more on online interaction. Please improve. I'm very annoyed right now that I find myself with a bill twice as much as i expect to pay, and I can't find any information.





Hey @Sagittarius


Thank you for taking the time and reaching out with this. Can you tell me if you see any differences if you clear the cache and delete the cookies of the browser? 

You should then be able to click on Billing & Payments > Directly next to the View Bill drop down menu you should see ``Save this bill (PDF). 


Let us know if this works out! 

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I don't see view bill option, actually. I did a hard reload, which clear cache, cookie etc.

All I see on the billing page is my bill amount, due date, and payment form. You guys might want to check if there is any logic that hide / replaces the view billing option when there's unpaid bill. I must have seen some kind of view bill option last time I logged in (my bill was paid that time). 

Hey @Sagittarius!


I'll send you a PM in a few minutes to look into that with you!





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I have the same issue. Is there any solution?

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Hi @jtoews & welcome to the Community! Smiley


When you log in, do you use your e-mail address as the username?