Can't return Google Pixel after many tries

Can't return Google Pixel after many tries

Can't return Google Pixel after many tries

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Can't return Google Pixel after many tries

I bought a Google Pixel on Feb 1st and tried returning it on Feb 16 since I was unsatisfied with it. When I arrived at the store where I bought it (Guildford Town Center) they said it was slightly overdue but a man said that "the manager can override it though he's in Toronto but coming back tomorrow". He said they will call me tomorrow so I left my name, number, and what the situation was on a piece of paper.


They didn't call me the next day so I came in and there were different employees with a ginger haired girl serving me. She said that she can't tell how many minutes were on the phone and checked support but couldn't find anything since it was over the due date. I asked for the manager but she said "The manager isn't here and doesn't work on weekends" so then I asked for his name and contact but she absolutely refused to give it to me. I left the mall after that and to add insult to injury I found out that someone had stolen my bike by force.


I waited until Monday when the manager(******) was finally here, I went in and he said that he can't do anything about it. He barely looked at the phone, checked the system until I asked, and just tried to talk his way out of it. I explained that he can access my account/minutes history since I almost exclusively use my plan for data and barely use any talk time. He said that he was willing to accept the phone but kept saying the problem is that he can't check the usage.


So the next day I found out I could contact Fido support through messenger and so I did. A man named ***** answered me and after a few hours he added a note to my account, gave me an interation number that proves it's true there's no talk time on the device, and told me to me to see the manager again. I went yesterday and ***** did find the note on my account but talked on the phone with someone from Fido for a while. Then he just ignored interaction number I worked for and kept saying that they don't have records on their systems after 15 days again and since it's a Google Pixel, it comes unlocked so they can't check the talk time. Afterwards, the manager literally told me to never come again because he doesn't want to deal with this anymore. I am positive that the manager is capable of doing the return by the looks on his face but he absolutely refuses to like he has some kind of grudge against me. They probably planned to drag this out from the beginning because I already gave them my money. I wanted to try at a different store from the start since I heard the Guildford store had bad reception, but Fido only allows refund/exchange at the same store. The employees were incompetent and just played on their cellphones during the few times I was waitting there.


So now I'm stuck with a product over $1000 that I'm not satisfied with and not going to use. The only option I have is wasting time finding a buyer for it, losing $200+ (since the Pixel was released in October) for a perfect condition new phone, and possibly getting scammed on Craigslist. I know I could've returned the phone earlier but I was sick in bed with a bad cold for 5 days after it snowed. ***** also said it could be applied as a special needs customer since I made many visits and the issue still couldn't be resolved. But judging by the rude behaviour of the manager no matter what I do he's not going to give in. There's no reason that their systems can't check the records and see the usage after a certain amount of time when the online support could do it. If Fido treats their customers like that I'm switching carriers because of this horrible experience and attitude. The employees never took it seriously or showed any compassion for the dire situation I was in. I hope you guys have better service here in the forums and have the capabilities to resolve the problem. I can provide the sale number, IMEI, and my phone number if needed.




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Hey Timren, 

Welcome to the Community. 


Thank you for taking the time and reaching out to us with this and explaining everything so clearly. Our satisfaction guarantee is set to a 15 days and 30 minutes talk time condition. However, it's important that all of this information be provided to you at the time of your purchase. 



I'm truly sorry to see you had this kind of experience when trying to complete your exchange. I am going to send you a PM so we can take a closer look into this together. 


@Timren sorry to hear about your troubles with Fido and having your bike stolen.


If you bought the phone on February 1st and then went to return it on February 16th and did not exceed the 30min requirement you were within Fido's 15-day satisfaction guarantee because 15 days from the day you purchased the phone would be the 16th I don't think the agent realized that. 


Hopefully a moderator here can look into your situation and rectify it.