Can't get a no term phone with a data only plan

Can't get a no term phone with a data only plan

Can't get a no term phone with a data only plan

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Can't get a no term phone with a data only plan

I am on a data only plan right now. Since my old phone went dead, I was eyeing the Huawei GR5 which is $100 no term. Since I don't plan to make calls, I don't need a voice plan. However, the website wouldn't let me keep my current plan. It kept trying to cancel my current plan. If I don't go through the website, I was told that I would be charged $25 transaction fee, which I am no willing to pay. 


I am thinking maybe I will just sign up for a voice plan to get the phone, then immediately cancel the plan since it's a no term device. However, it's not clear to me when would the new plan start. The day I ordered it or the day I received the device. 


It seems that it would be a lot easier for me and Fido if they would just allow me to order a no term phone on a data only plan. 


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Hey @species5618w!


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We have a great article with info on how to upgrade right here.


If you were to order a new line, you'd be billed from the day it's shipped. Since you don't actually need a new line, ordering the phone on your existing one would definitely be best for you.


When you clicked on Upgrade Device, did you see the option "No Tab" under "Keep existing plan"?


Let me know! 

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Thanks for your reply. 


I can choose to use my existing plan in the first page (device and plan). However, once I moved to the second page (Add-ons), I get the following:


Add-Ons you no longer need with your new plan

Data Only Plan






However, if I ignore it and move the the 4th page (Order review), it still list the data-only plan as an add-on, although there's no details about what is included. 


So now I am confused. If I order the phone, am I keep my existing add-on or signing up for a new one? 


Hey @species5618w


We may need to place the order for you. You can contact us on Facebook or Twitter here. Alternatively I can send you a PM. Let me know what you prefer. Smiley 

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Please send me a PM. Thanks. 



Sure thing! It's on it way! Smiley