Can't change my billing address online

Can't change my billing address online

Can't change my billing address online

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Can't change my billing address online

Hi there,


Could anyone advise me how to change my billing address online? I've tried numerous time and just receive an error of "please enter a valid address"!! Which is quite strange...My Building is old enough, and I'm pretty sure that the address is correct!! Can anyone help me out f this?

BTW, I've tried to calling customer service but unfortunately, no one is around after 5 PM!


Look forward.

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Hi @Shab_Nam & welcome to the Community!


As mentioned by @KAPABLE-K, if you're getting that error message it means that our system (which validates with Canada Post) isn't recognizing your address. Did you double check to see if you're entering the address properly?


Let me know if you're still having issues & I'll be more than happy to help you out. Smiley Alternatively, you can also reach us here for any account-related questions.




@Shab_Nam If its not allowing you to change it online it could be that Fido system is not recognising it and a Fido rep will have to do it for you. A moderator here can assist you with it or you can always message Fido on Twitter or FaceBook.