Can't activate Spotify Premium

Can't activate Spotify Premium

Can't activate Spotify Premium

I'm a Participant Level 1

Can't activate Spotify Premium


I called 2 times and you weren't able to fix this problem I have.


I have a Fideo Pulse plan but I can't activate Spotify in my iPhone 6s Plus with iOS 9


When I go to via LTE the only thing that it asks me is to download Spotify app. I even cleared cookies.


When I go via WiFi, it asks me to put my number. I receive a code, I enter it and again it says to download Spotify app.


Never asks me to log in to Spotify.


When I download the app I try everything, log in to existing account, log in via Facebook, and creating new account.


But it doesn't work.


Can you help me? Thank you





Hey @romspot and welcome to the Fido Community Smiley

Let's take a look at your account together, this way we can confirm the Spotify username associated to your phone number.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into.


Talk to you soon Smiley

I'm a Participant Level 1

I'm having the same issue. Need to fix something too.
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Hey @jbmb! Welcome to our community forum!


I'll send you a PM and we can take a look at this together Smiley