Calls from Equinox on Behalf of Fido

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Calls from Equinox on Behalf of Fido

I have been getting insistent calls from an "unavailable" number, 2-3 times per day. Finally I gave in and answered the call. It was a lady from a telemarketing company Equinox, calling on behalf of Fido. She called out my number and told me that she was calling in relation to long distance charges on my recent bills. I tried to stop her mid script but she didn't seem to understand that I wished to speak. When she finally stopped I asked again where she was calling from, I then proceeded to ask "have Fido shared my number and details with a 3rd party"... The lady replied "Yes". I then asked "have Fido shared with you also details of my call charges and to which countries I have been making long distance calls" .To which the lady replied yet again "Yes".  I kindly told this lady that I no longer wish to be on their calling list and she told me that it was not possible to remove me from the list but she would put a note on my account.


Can somebody please explain to me HOW it is possibly legal for Fido to disclose not only my Cell Phone number and name but ALSO my actual usage details to a 3rd Party?????


This is not the first time that I have had grievances with Fido and funnily enough I don't believe that it will be the last time either. I have 3 month left before I can cancel my contract with them and believe me I am counting the days!!!!

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Re: Calls from Equinox on Behalf of Fido

Hello ashya24,


I first of all wish to apologize for this unpleasant experience. I am also very sorry to learn that you are considering canceling your Fido services.


Equinox is a company working for us. They are a telemarketing company which calls our customers to offer them promotions related to their accounts. To be able to apply such promotions, they require full access to your account.


I wish to assure you that we would never disclose your personal information to untrusted sources. As mentioned in our Privacy Policy, point number 7:


"Fido shares information with other Fido related companies, including the Rogers companies, in order to offer customers products and services that they may find attractive. Notices on sharing information are contained on Fido’s invoice and on If customers do not want to be marketed with these products and services, they can contact Fido at 1-888-481-3436."


I sincerely hope that this answers your inquiry and invite you to contact us either by chat, e-mail or phone if you which to be taken off our marketing list.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: Calls from Equinox on Behalf of Fido

I totally agree with all the opinions here regarding the completely annoying calls from Equinox. They are driving me nuts!!

They keep calling over and over, and I try to tell them I am not interested and they keep going and going.

Today they were trying to sell me on getting a data plan for a 3G iPad, even though I repeated told him I don't even own one.

He would just say, "if" you get one, you will already have a data plan.. at this great promotion!

Clearly, they are on a commission basis and are trying to sell anything, even if its completely useless to the customer.

I understand using a 3rd party to telemarket (in theory at least, although I must admit I personally hate it) but the fact Fido would choose a clearly terrible company who purely want a sale. Its terrible not set limits on how often they can call, and not ensure they still only try to offer useful products for their customers. It really shows how little Fido must value us as customers.



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Re: Calls from Equinox on Behalf of Fido

I agreed to purchase a phone from Equinox on Dec. 30th, 2013.  They gave me the price, confirmed my plan, and other legal items.  The phone was to be shipped that week as it was in stock.  One week went by so I called Fido.  The Fido rep said it is with the Validations Dept and ensured me I would get it January 13th.  Well, today is January 13th and no phone.  I contacted Fido today and asked for the shipping details.  The Fido rep let me know the phone was not ordered as I can't have a blackberry plan and move to an iphone with my current plan, this is after 2 follow ups and 2 weeks of waiting.  The reason why I bought the phone was the Equinox rep said I could get an iphone 5c  with my existing plan.  Now Fido tells me I have to pay them $200 more before tax.  Can you see why I am frustrated?   Equinox told me the price, I agreed..  Both Fido and Equinox said they would send and nothing...


I think I would of been fine if someone called me to tell me that I would not be getting a phone and they made a mistake... Maybe the Fido Validations Dept could step up since they do not care about their customers.  


Until today, I raved about Fido.  Now I would not recommend at all.  I do not trust these two companies and I am affraid that they pull this scheme on others.  



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Re: Calls from Equinox on Behalf of Fido

Got a call from them (Equinox) today, trying to sell me c r a p p y phones that I'm not needing.

When I need one, rest assure, I'll go buy one by myself.


First THEY call me. Then they ask me to confirm with personal questions that I'm the account holder... Hung up.


Let me stress this, if YOU are going to call me, then don't ask me to prove who I am!


Anyway, I blocked them right from my phone preferences.

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Re: Calls from Equinox on Behalf of Fido

I'm glad I never gave in to answer this call. Every single day calling me and not leaving a message and I'm busy working full time. I don't need telemarketing or selling me a new phone thank you very much. It's on my auto-reject list now on my phone. Just so annoying.

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