By the Minute - 30¢ vs. By the Month - Talk for 10¢

By the Minute - 30¢ vs. By the Month - Talk for 10¢

By the Minute - 30¢ vs. By the Month - Talk for 10¢

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By the Minute - 30¢ vs. By the Month - Talk for 10¢



I'm wondering what the main differences between the two prepaid plans are apart from the rate.


I'm currently on the By the Minute - 30¢ plan but I see all these announcements about the new By the Month - Talk for 10¢.


Both require a minimum $10 per month refill. Should I go with the new plan since it seems to be the same except for lower rates?

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It's very misleading on the website. It's not 10c/min, as in the other 30c/min. It's 10$ for nothing, and then 10c/min. Meaning, whether you talk or not during the month, 10$ is deducted anyways.


A little math equation can help explain this better. Let's say T is number of minutes you talk in a month:

     (10 + .10 x T)  > (.30 x T)  

or  T > 50


Meaning, in order for the 10c/min deal to be profitable, you need to talk more than 50 minutes per month, i.e. spend $15+. Or more than 100 minutes compared to the 20c/min rate. So if you talk less than 50 min/mo you're better off with the 30c/min rate. If you talk less than 100 min/mo, you're better off with the 20c/min.


And now they cancelled the 20c/min which was a sweet deal. I rushed in here as soon as I learned the bad news hoping to see some sort of a public disappointment, but people seem to be tricked by the 10c/min rate which appears lower. Fido used to be cool, and now they're becoming evil like the others. Bad Fido, Bad!

Bad Fido ????? .....who really controls

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You pay 10.75$ a month and are billed .10 for each call you make or receive on top of that.  I activated my prepaid on the 10$ a month plan with a 30$ credit minus 10.75$ the remaining credit is used up each time I make a call or recieve @.10 cents a min.

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quite interesting that they would create a 10$ month plan for 0.10 per min ...does that mean they plan on getting rid of 10$ a/t vouchers...or maybe it's easier to manage these kinds of plans in their system.....  my general rule is if it ain't broken...dont fix it...but in this case the rate is 1/3 that of the regualr 10$ a/t voucher...more minutes....


not as bad idea to switch...

They aren't very clear on their website, but a couple possible gotchas to watch out for.

1) the $0.10/minute 'plan' monthly cost is $10.75 including the 911 charge. While the minimum refill amount is $10, this will not be enough to keep your plan active for the month. You will have to have enough to cover the $10.75, in which case you will have to top up with the $20 voucher, at least initially. Then, if you have a balance remaining at the end of the month, if you top up again before your balance expires you can add the $10 minimum. But if your balance expires, you will have to start again with $20.

2) The $10.75 is the monthly fee for this plan. I am not sure if the airtime, billed at $0.10/minute comes out of this amount of if the $10.75 is simply the monthly charge and you have to pay separately for all usage.


The $0.30/minute plan was was a 'by the minute' plan, so there was never a monthly fee to have this plan. All money you put onto your account was applied as airtime (outside of things like 911, texting). I am not sure how the 'by the month' fees work, as I have never used them. Would be nice if Fido detailed this a little better.