Buying a new LG G6

Buying a new LG G6

Buying a new LG G6

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Buying a new LG G6



  I've come across a great deal from an LG G6, brand spanking new. Have called Fido to check the IMEI and it's good. 


  My only concern is about the blacklist. If this person does not make their payment, will Fido blacklist the phone?


  I know that a customer can call and report a device as lost/stolen and said device would be blacklisted. However, it is sort of unclear as to what happens when phones and accounts become cancelled due to non-payment. 


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@KAPABLE-K is right! It's also good to keep in mind that once the phone is blacklisted only the account holder can remove it from the blacklist, if the person blacklists it along the line, only they can remove it from the blacklist even if the device was sold to you. 



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That is good news. My biggest concern was not that he would call it in to have it Blacklisted, but rather that he doesn't pay his bill and I'm out the money for the phone as Rogers/Fido would Blacklist it. 


I have purchased a phone like this in the past, I believe it was with Bell and the person defaulted on their payments and the account was closed. The phone I had purchased then became Blacklisted due to Non,-payment. 


Why is that these other companies Blacklist due to non-payment but Rogers/Fido do not? Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining just rather curious!


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@burkely I personally can not comment on the process of other companies but there is probably more to the story for Bell to add the phone on the blacklist.


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No, the phone will not be blacklisted for non-payment. It will only be blacklisted if it was reported as lost or stolen.