Bring back BlackBerry

Bring back BlackBerry

Bring back BlackBerry

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Bring back BlackBerry

Hello, I am loyal customer with Fido and I've been with BlackBerry for 7 years. The fact that Fido doesn't carry BlackBerry phones, is unreal. While the other competitors like (Telus, Rogers, Bell,Virgin Mobile) all carry BlackBerry's, Fido prefers to keep mainstream phones, like iPhones, Android, Windows which to me are KID phones. Fido wants to competitive? The should bring in BlackBerry phones. FIDO you have customers who want BlackBerry phones. And no, I won't take the offer that Fido gave me, the iPhone 5S for free, I want  a real phone not  a plastic phone. If I want a plastic phone, I'll go to the toy store and get one. So Fido, it was nice while it lasted, I can't wait till my contract is up so I can these words " GOODBYE". And I am sure, other BlackBerry customers feel the same, and want to leave.


FIDO you disappoint me.



Upset long time customer



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Re: Bring back BlackBerry

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Thank you for your feedback Bigpete!


Rest assured that your comments are important to us. We strive to provide you with the best customer service while choosing the best combination of price and services that respects your budget and that specifically meets your needs.


As much as I'd love to give you more details about upcoming devices, we cannot comment on devices we have not yet announed. If we do end up carrying other Blackberry devices, we'll definitely make sure to let everyone know right here on Smiley Just keep an eye on our website! 


Hope this helps!

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You still don't get my point. Fido totally took out "BlackBerry" and replaced it with "Windows phone". Do those 2% of Windows Phone buyers represent vast majority but 15% of BlackBerry fans are minority? What do Fido think? Even though Mobilicity is a small player, they support our home technology and Canadian company, better than other traitors out there.
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Oh, I get your point but you don't understand that you're barking up the wrong tree.  Fido stocks phones that are either really cheap, fun and/or are trending. 


Blackberry is a business oriented phone. 

Well, people still have deep-rooted mind that Blackberry is only a business oriented phone. It was true for BlackBerry Legacy devices. However, since BlackBerry reinvented its OS to BlackBerry 10 in 2013, BlackBerry 10 smartphone has become all-round pocket PC that gives users not only productivity, but also social stuff, fun stuff and entertainment. That is why you see, for example, Z30 and Passport are having dual speakers, 4 microphones and stunning high resolution screen. Z10 is my personal phone. I have more fun using it than my previous iPhone. The Time Shift mode of camera in BlackBerry 10 smartphone is unique, giving me a lot of fun for taking the best moment of family pictures. I can run not only productive apps from BlackBerry World but also fun apps (all Android apps) from Google Play Store . Indeed, BlackBerry 10 smartphones can do a lot more than the best-selling phones. BB10 phone is way better than Android phone because it can run Android apps on a more secure system. Blackberry 10 smartphones are not trending because people (including the guru in Fido) do not know its features.  

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You see, when I bought the Z10 when it first came out, I thought it was great as well.  Except the fact that it didn't have available apps like iPhone or Android.  So I returned it for an S4. 


Blackberry phones don't necessarily "do a lot more than the best-selling phones" and aren't "way better than Android phone (sic) because it can run Android apps on a more secure system".  It has to do with personal preference. 


You prefer Blackberry.  Many others do.

Many prefer Apple, Samsung, etc.  Many others do as well.

I have been with Fido for 11 years. Customers are asking Fido to bring back BlackBerry for a long time but Fido never listens to its customers. I kept waiting for Fido's response but yet to see any. Fido takes care of only customers who wants China phone - iPhone or Korean phone-Samsung. I am done with Fido officially. This is my final login today. In two days, I will bring my two lines over to Wind Mobile who supports BlackBerrys. Official goodbye to Fido.

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Ricky - this post is great. It tells Fido that people care about Blackberry, and that they will leave Fido if they don't respond to their customers. 

Hi RickyTang.


It's really unfortunate to see that you decided to leave FIdo.


I can maybe suggest to purchase an unlocked Blackberry and use it on the FIdo services.


I do wish we could offer you this device, but we can only offer what's currently available.


We would be more than happy to keep you as a customer, hope you change your mind Smiley


Take care.

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FidoKenny - 


"I do wish we could offer you this device, but we can only offer what's currently available.


Blackberry devices ARE available. But it appears that Fido simply chooses not to offer them. Why? We can only guess.

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fido is simply choosing to ignore blackberry. unbelievable that you carry windows phones, but not blackberry. there is absolutely no excuse for that **bleep**.


i'll never get an iphone. EVER! i refuse to be a sheep.

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I HEARTILY agree! 


I have begrudgingly used Android for years. I never liked it. But since the 5.0 update... I now fully HATE it. I do own two Windows Phones, and it is a great platform, absolutely, but NOTHING can touch BlackBerry 10 in terms of being utilitarian and solid. I got a Q5 on Telus prepaid back in the days, and I absolutely fell in love with it. Hell, I paid $50 to have it unlocked just to use it on FIDO!


I am seriously thinking of switching to a monthly plan, and I'd like to commit to a new term, but I am sorry, I want NOTHING to do with Android or iPhones. I like Windows Phone, but not enough to commit to a term with one such phone. I love my Q5, and I am very satisfied with FIDO. But I would like something more powerful, be it a Passport, Classic or a Leap. But it seems that to do so, I'd have to cross over to Rogers. Getting it unlocked is a rather expensive option, and one that isn't viable for me. 


I'll chip in and say I hope you'd think of those who like Blackberry and offer us an option.  

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The New BB Slider will Push the other BB Models Price Down Quickly I Hope

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I hope ROGERS Lets FIDO Carry the BlackBerry Slider

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This is an interesting thread that for some reason appeared on my front page sign in. I too, have been with Fido since early 2004, maybe late 2003. I have been a BlackBerry user for as long. I am still offended that my carrier doesn't provide the choices that other carriers do. I have been buying my own  phones for the last 5 or so years, either used on ebay or direct from shopblackberry website. Buying direct is a shocking reality for most people that don't realize the true cost of a mobile device. I am betting that the new marketing for Fido is directed at a younger market that wants the latest and greatest and doesn't really care about the contract/tab commitment.  That's okay. Us older, longer term customers are not really making them much money anymore. We have grandfathered plans, keep our phones longer and have the financial means to buy our devices outright. We can lobby for our device of choice to come back to our carrier all we want, but, if it isn't in demand by the focussed demographic, it will fall on deaf ears. The mods here are doing their best to keep us happy and answer questions, but, they still have to adhere to policy and stance of their employer.

I won't beat up on them, I will stay where I have a great plan, and if I get really irritated, I will write to the marketing/retentions/customer relations department that might be able to do something different.

Having said all that, I am looking forward to the delivery of my new BlackBerry PassPort that should be arriving this week.

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I read a Notice in BlackBerry Would That BB Priv & Classic are available for Fido Vias Special Order


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Sadly Blackberry prices their devices like its 2006 and they dominate market share. They are now tiny players when it comes to hardware and their phones can't really even compete with the likes of Huwai or Alcatel and oughtta be priced accordingly. Back in the day the corporate world adored Blackberry and BIS but almost all now have a BYOP policy. 

I'm a Contributor Level 2 new thread on this topic got deleted. guess fido can't take the truth.

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Is that so? Interesting. That, or they don't like the idea of selling something that isn't Google or Apple. 


For my part I'll be crossing over to Rogers with a Passport. I want nothing to do with either of the aforementioned. 

Hi all, 


We hear you! 


Just want to remind you all that it's always possible to bring an unlocked phone to use on our network. 


Let us know if there is any questions. 

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Hi Bigpete,


I can't wait for your contract is up too, so you can get a lesson on how to select wireless service providers by paying the price.  If you don't understand what I'm refering too, do some legwork and search other posts made by me where I explain to others whom were in similiar situations as you.


I don't want to repeat myself here cause your post sounds quite offensive.


I'm all for RIM (Blackberry) but thats no reason to put down other OS as kid's phone, and no, the iphone has a metal body as well as do some andriod phones. and as far as the international maket is concern, RIM's BB10 is not doing particularly well, falling just shy of Windows Mobile OS, and BB10 now accepts Andriod Apps. 


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To Wufai: No need to be a bowl hotter than its content ! Wink Unless you work for Fido and you are required to come here and respond.

He has a point. Fido and  Blackbberry are both Canadian companies and  I think they should support each other. It absolutely makes no sense to me that Fido does not carry BB phones. BB phones are as good as the competition. They may not sell as well but some other phones Fido carries are not popular either. Well, the fact is that most of the market nowadays wants to buy iPhone. It has dominated the psychology of the phone buyers as such to a level of obsession.

Fido probably gets orders from its parent company (Rogers) on what phones to carry and what not to carry. It's probably a Rogers marketing decision to keep the variety of phones carried by Fido very limited so that Fido's costumers are pushed into Rogers network where the plans are more expensive. I seriously, doubt this marketting strategy works for Rogers. Corporate's decisions are not always correct (actually frequently incorrect). They are simply taken by CEO managers who are simply humans and make mistakes (they didn't get up the ladder only because they were the best qualified people for the position). Now I am getting a bowl hotter than the content myself (lol, why should I care if Rogers makes correct dicsions or not).

I particualrly like the blackberry Passport as I think its form factors works better than the widescreen phones for me. It also looks slick.