Bring back BlackBerry

Bring back BlackBerry

Bring back BlackBerry

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Bring back BlackBerry

Hello, I am loyal customer with Fido and I've been with BlackBerry for 7 years. The fact that Fido doesn't carry BlackBerry phones, is unreal. While the other competitors like (Telus, Rogers, Bell,Virgin Mobile) all carry BlackBerry's, Fido prefers to keep mainstream phones, like iPhones, Android, Windows which to me are KID phones. Fido wants to competitive? The should bring in BlackBerry phones. FIDO you have customers who want BlackBerry phones. And no, I won't take the offer that Fido gave me, the iPhone 5S for free, I want  a real phone not  a plastic phone. If I want a plastic phone, I'll go to the toy store and get one. So Fido, it was nice while it lasted, I can't wait till my contract is up so I can these words " GOODBYE". And I am sure, other BlackBerry customers feel the same, and want to leave.


FIDO you disappoint me.



Upset long time customer



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Re: Bring back BlackBerry

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Thank you for your feedback Bigpete!


Rest assured that your comments are important to us. We strive to provide you with the best customer service while choosing the best combination of price and services that respects your budget and that specifically meets your needs.


As much as I'd love to give you more details about upcoming devices, we cannot comment on devices we have not yet announed. If we do end up carrying other Blackberry devices, we'll definitely make sure to let everyone know right here on Smiley Just keep an eye on our website! 


Hope this helps!

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arrgh I don't work for Fido, if I do I'll say thank you for the response well look into it and that will be the end. I'm spending time  here to help other fellow Canadians to start looking at what's important when shopping for wireless carriers.


The first thing should be your coverage, most importantly stable coverage at your home and work locations. There is no point if the carrier has the Blackberry phone you want and 99% canadian population coverage when it happens your home and work location fall in the 1% no/poor connection area right?


The second thing should be wireless plan fees, you are paying for a wireless service, not a phone, so the most important factor should be a low wireless service fee and not a high subsidized phone.  Other companies offers the Blackberry, but if you check their wireless rates most are more expensive then Fido given the same min/data.  So in the end with a ongoing contract you will end up paying more.


I'm glad the OP likes BB, but his love for BB should not be the determining factor with joining/leaving his wireless carrier. 


Fido currently offers the cheapest plans using the Rogers network (at least cheaper than rogers), and now offers Bell/Telus networks as well at 3G speeds in areas not covered by the Rogers network.  Wireless plan pricing will only go up every year. So won't the smart thing to do is find yourself the cheapest plan and lock it down, and then start phone shopping elsewhere?


The OP has been with Fido for years. He proboly got a pretty decent grandfathered plan. I hate to see him/her throw it away for a BB phone that will likely be out of date after 2 years.


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I agree with the points you made in regard to sorting out priorities. However,  I think the case of carrying BB phones does not have to be discarded because the big three names  (Rogers, Bell and Telus) charge more for their services than Fido and other child or smaller/ local companies. We do not have any proof that carrying BB phones increases the costs of the company but to the contrary, I suspect it is more of a special ideological approach to cellur market among the tops managers in Rogers and the other two big names. And I do not see anything wrong if the clients demand their mobile provider to carry the phone they wish to have. Fido and Rogers are still profitable and will remain profitable even if they carry BB phones.


In regard to what we are paying for:  consumers are paying not only got the wireless service they receive but alsofor the phone they receive when they give a comittment. Cellular companies, consider all factors when they set their wireless fees: their total costs of the network, their infrstructure as a company as well as the payment they must pay the mobile device manufacturers when they offer phones to their clients. So clients pay for both the noetwrk costs of the cellular providers as well as the costs of the phone they are offered by this company and finally for the profits the company seeks to get out of its clients. The company adds to their profits margins as much as they perceive they can get away with. We do not have the detailed financial records of these companies so we don't know about the actual proportion of charges in the fees we pay.


Cellular companies claim these phones are subsidized but that is only a marketting flase label. These companies never suibcidize phones for clients. The costs of the phone is always included in the overall fees in a way or the other.

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i want fido to carry blackberry phones as well. i mean, you carry windows phones for heaven's sake! but no blackberry?! REALLY?! what possible explanation can you come up with for that?


this is just stupid. i've been a fido customer for over a decade(13 years?). my first and only cell phone service provider. and when my contract is up, i'll be looking for a brand new blackberry to replace my amazing little beast, Q5. if fido doesn't have any new blackberry phones by then, i'm gonna say bye bye.

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I'm also really hoping that Fido brings back Blackberry. Currently have the Q5 and love it, but contract is up in a few months and would like to upgrade to one of the newer BBs but will definitely switch carriers if they are not offered.  Have had both Apple and Android phones for work and really prefer my BB.


Have been with Fido for over 10 years and on a Blackberry for most of that. Since pretty much every other carrier offers them, inclduing discount brands like WIND, it's really odd that Fido is the only one that doesn't.  I've always been happy with Fido but will definitely switch to the competition if they can't offer me the product that I want.

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Wufai, I am not offending. I bet you never try BlackBerry 10 smartphones. Therefore, you jump to a conclusion that "BB10 is not doing particularly well, falling just shy of Windows Mobile OS". Please do a research such as taking a look at this website:

Digit is a well-known tech magazine. BlackBerry 10 OS wins the best mobile OS in the world. I used iPhone before BlackBerry Z10 so I can compare two of them. BlackBerry 10 OS is 10 times better than iOS for every aspect. Once you have used BB10, you won't go back to other competing platforms. People just follow the norm and buy phones that everyone else has without thinking about productivity and efficiency.  


Regarding Fido bring back BlackBerry, my contract is also up. I have no choice from Fido for hardware upgrade anymore because Fido has none of BlackBerry. Other than the big three, Virgin Mobile and Wind Mobile support Canadian phones by carrying BlackBerry Classic. Even Mobilicity has just announced that they start to carry BlackBerry Passport, Classic and even older model Z30. I can't understand why Fido can't do something similiar. It looks like Fido is a non-Canadian carrier doing business in Canada. I willl go for Mobilicity because they carry Passport and sell cheaper plans.

Hey RickyTang, 


Remember that you can always use any phone purchased elsewhere with Fido as long as the phone is unlocked. Smiley


Hope this helps! 


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Hi FidoAmandaN,

Not everyone can afford to buy unlocked phone outright. For example, a unlocked BlackBerry Passport will cost me $600 if I buy it directly thru Shop BlackBerry. It really helps if carrier can subsidize the phone with 2-year agreement.  

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if you love the blackberry so much...

sigh a contract, get an iphone, sell the iphone and use the money to get your blackberry.


simple as that!

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Well, I called in today, and received a thank you for being a loyal Fido customer. I asked about what I can do with my $200 in Fido dollars and they said to get a new phone. I saw the BlackBerry heading, clicked on it, and nothing there. I said, you don't have a phone I want, I want a BlackBerry. He said, no one wants a BlackBerry, the company is dead, they don't honour their warranty and they don't have any apps. The phones won't update to the new OS, so they are a brick. Wow, pretty harsh for someone who has no clue about the devices. I asked if he had ever used or even looked at one, no one carries them, so why would I? Oh boy, I was calling from my Z30 that just updated to 10.3.xx and told him that. You must have got it by mistake. OK, I am hanging up now. How do you have a conversation with someone that is ignorant to the conversation?

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I agree with the OP. Fido, please bring back Blackberry. My contract is up for renewal and I was looking forward to getting a Blackberry. My daughter got the Galaxy S4 last summer on a new smart plan and it BROKE in less than 2 months. Turns out, from what I have read on many forums online that the S4 digitizer is very fragile and easily cracks. So what is the point of buying a phone like this? We're left locked into a contract paying off a phone that broke soon after purchase. I went out and bought her an unlocked Z10 because Blackberrys are like tanks, they're built to last. I sideloaded android apps and she's good to go.


I like the new OS and Blackberry phones are far more secure than the other phones out there.

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Although it would be nice to have a better selection of smartphones, Fido is a subsiduary of Rogers.  Fido's rates are cheaper and the trade off to that is less selection.  Do people have an issue seeing that?


Complaining that a sister company doesn't carry every smartphone manufacturer (why not carry Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo as well?) is silly. 


Another reason: Blackberry's marketshare in Canada is something like 15%, which is a drop of 5% from the year before = less people were choosing it.  Fido has chosen to carry popular and less-expensive options for the less-discerning customer.


Yet one MORE reason:  Blackberry's target market is the business sector and that is why the Big 3 carry Blackberry.  Fido is NOT here to service the business community.


Want a Blackberry? Cancel your Fido contract.  Join Rogers.  Or someone else.  Pretty easy, really.

Hi Slimmer1972,

Your statement is lame. In terms of market share in Canada, do you think Windows phone is greater than BlackBerry's? Even though market share of Blackberry is shrinking (like 10% for example), how much stronger Windows phone is? Don't get me wrong, I love Microsoft. Windows phone is at least better than iPhone but still not as great as BlackBerry 10 smatphones.

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ok, smart guy...then why do virtually all of fido's competitors carry blackberry phones?


if i wanted to pay $50 a month for 200MB, i would have switched to rogers a long time ago.

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Hey sal,


Smart guy?   Well, I guess we're keeping this civil.

"...virtually all of fido's competitors"? 


Virgin?  They have the Classic

Solo?  None.

Chatr?  Zero.

Koodo?  Nada. 


So...there's that, I guess.

You forget Fido's competitor : Mobilicity. They carry BlackBerry Passport, Classic and even older model Z30. Their plan (everything is unlimited) is way cheaper than Fido.

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@RickyTang - thanks for qualifying my response as "lame".


Windows market share was 2%, where Blackberry was 15%. But I don't see your point. Only a percentage of people want Blackberry and Fido carries the models that the vast majority want. 


Ok, Mobilicity carries Blackberry = less than half of Fido's competitors. I stand but my statement.

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We all know that you can bring any unlocked phone to any carrier. The whole point to all these posts regarding Blackberry is that no one wants to pay for the outright price of the phone. We want Fido to carry these phones, so we only pay for the subsidized price.


Just checked mobilicity and yup, they do carry the Z30, Passport, and Classic. And even the selection of Android phones are really slim. I guess Rogers dictates the Fido phone line-up.

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Thank you for your feedback Bigpete!


Rest assured that your comments are important to us. We strive to provide you with the best customer service while choosing the best combination of price and services that respects your budget and that specifically meets your needs.


As much as I'd love to give you more details about upcoming devices, we cannot comment on devices we have not yet announed. If we do end up carrying other Blackberry devices, we'll definitely make sure to let everyone know right here on Smiley Just keep an eye on our website! 


Hope this helps!