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Brightstar is a huge scam stealing money.

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

So last May 18 my G6 stops working I go through the insurance claim with ASURION fido's insurance company which I've paid $10 a month since Jan 2015. I receive my phone and realize it's a refirbished phone. I call back and say I paid for a new phone from fido and I expect a  new phone I don't know why this is refirbished the last person could have drained it 10x a day or left it charging 24/7 the battery could die at least with my phone or a brand new one I know I treated it well.


The guy at ASURION tells me if anything goes wrong with it in the next year we will send you out a phone and you can send yours back in and if you're worried about the refurbs we have the highest quality standards and you can keep doing it if by some slim chance something slipped by us. With this promise I accepted the refurb.


Fast forward to December 2018 my phones vibration feature stops working. I call in start a claim under the 1 year warrant on my refurb LG G6. They tell me I have two options 1. Mail in my phone wait for them to look at it and either fix it or send me a different one 2. Drive to toronto from hamiltton(1 hr drive) to the cloest repair shop. I tell them 1. I'm not taking a million buses/go buses to toronto when I was told a replacement would be sent out if anything went wrong and I didn't have the time to spend a day doing this. 


I keep pushing the promise I was made on a replacement sent to me first if ANY problems with the refurbed phone. They wouldn't budge on my two options so I request a supervisor person on phone says she is the supeervisor. I say you're a supervisor with brightstar? She says well no but there isn't one here to help you right now so I'm in charge. I tell her I can't spend a day making a trip to a different city that far away and I can't go with out my phone because I need it for work everyday(I work for an agecy and pick up shifts from an app) 


I keep requesting a supervisor and she says she will put me on a list to get called back. I wait nothing I move houses in this time was pretty busy with work and moving etc. I go into a fido store and talk to a sales rep and tell him my story he gives me a slip and says we have a repair shop in hamilton now. 


I call brightstar back and they tell me it's been 71 days since I reported the vibration not working and they don't repair phones after 60 days of a reproted problem. I tell them I never submitted a claim I was waiting for a supervisor to call me back. They won't budge. 


I'm not sure what to do other then switch companies get a new phone and be put back with ASURION insurance. It's a total scam. I'm going to try small claims court to I wasn't even told fido switched insurance companies and wasn't told my promise of having my phone replaced first mailed to me if any problems came up was voided?



Hi @BigGabeMerkin and welcome to the Community.

I went over what you just explained and this is not the experience that we want for our customers.

I would like to take a look at what was discussed with you.

I'm sending you a PM to get this looked into. Talk to you soon.