Blackberry Priv???

Blackberry Priv???

Blackberry Priv???

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Blackberry Priv???

Fido - it's been a while since you carried Blackberry phones. Any chance this will change with the Blackberry Priv??


If you're choosing phones to carry based on platform popularity (iOS/Android vs BB10/WP) then we can finally expect you to start supporting the Canadian phone maker again, right?


Blackberry Priv runs Android. Doesn't make sense to not sell this Blackberry model. 




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Re: Blackberry Priv???

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Hey mkip and JohnRambo604! 


We can't comment on upcoming devices. Keep a close eye on to make sure you don't miss out Smiley 

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Will Fido be carrying the new Blackberry Priv android phone? Rogers your parent company is already taking reservations for this phone. My contract with Fido is ending soon and I want this phone.

Hi dchase123, 


As we explained previously we can't comment on devices we have not announced. 

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I would def get this phone.

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Any news on this? It would be great to have Blackberry phones again for Fido customers

Hey @aarancel

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Any update on this would show up on our Phones & Devices page.

Keep an eye on it Smiley

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is Fido getting the new blackberry priv


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Hi, as a huge BlackBerry fan, I will go out on a limb and say that I doubt very much that Fido will be carrying the Priv. It is a flagship device and has a hefty price tag, so only main carriers seem to be carrying it. Fido hasn't carried a BlackBerry since the Q5 and that is over a year ago, maybe 2 since they stopped. Having said that, I usually buy my device outright, I have a Passport SE (I was gifted). I know that isn't in the cards for everyone to be able to buy a phone outright, but, there are less expensive avenues to source gently used or refurbished devices. If you have a great plan with Fido that you don't want to change, you may want to investigate purchases of your device of choice and stay with Fido. Just my 4 cents worth.

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If you're a HUGE BLACKBERRY fan like myself, call Fido customer service. I was told they have Blackberry Classics available. I would be soooooo happy if they carried the Priv. If not the Priv, even the Leap would be awesome!! Please bring back more Blackberrys!!

As @blackrabbit mentioned, we do have the Blackberry Classic available via customer service. You won't be able to get the phone in store however, so be careful on that. Smiley

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 Hope we can get an awnser soon about if Fido will carry the BlackBerry Priv, been with fido for many years and now i am contrac free so Fido's silence on the question is making it easy for me to move on with Bell.


Are we going to see the Blackberry Priv with Fido?

Hey the_big! 


We don't have any information on whether or not we will have it. Keep an eye out on for updates. 



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I see the mods can't comment on unannounced phones.  I also want to buy the Priv phone.  Hopefully the mods can send this feedback up the pipeline so that the decision-makers know there's demand for this device.

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I would hate to have to switch off Fido in order to get this phone...

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I agree with this sentiment. The Blackberry Priv must be made available at Fido, just as all popular phones are.

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Just joined the fido family, would be sad if I need to switch to get this phone

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I also want this

Hey mkip and JohnRambo604! 


We can't comment on upcoming devices. Keep a close eye on to make sure you don't miss out Smiley 

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I would also like to request that Fido carry the Blackberry Priv. I see no reason why this is not possible as Fido is already carrying other Android phones.


Fido, is there an update on this at this time?

No updates for now nalleyne.


If we end up carrying it though, it'll definitely be announced on Smiley 

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I would like the PRIV  as well!!!!!