Blackberry Priv???

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Blackberry Priv???

Fido - it's been a while since you carried Blackberry phones. Any chance this will change with the Blackberry Priv??


If you're choosing phones to carry based on platform popularity (iOS/Android vs BB10/WP) then we can finally expect you to start supporting the Canadian phone maker again, right?


Blackberry Priv runs Android. Doesn't make sense to not sell this Blackberry model. 




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Re: Blackberry Priv???

Hey mkip and JohnRambo604! 


We can't comment on upcoming devices. Keep a close eye on to make sure you don't miss out Smiley 

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Re: blackberry priv

As @blackrabbit mentioned, we do have the Blackberry Classic available via customer service. You won't be able to get the phone in store however, so be careful on that. Smiley

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