Black Friday mixup

Black Friday mixup

Black Friday mixup

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Black Friday mixup

I took a contract with Fido at the beginning of November with 1GB pulse plan. When the Black Friday sales came out, I decided to up my plan to the 2GB +1 bonus GB. I did this over chat and was assured that everything would be updated for my next billing cycle starting December 3rd. I never received a confirmation email, so I contacted Fido a few days later, also by chat, to confirm the changes. I was assured that I would be upgraded to the correct plan as agreed,

I got my bill today, and somehow, they managed to downgrade me to a BYOP plan instead of increasing my data on my current plan. I am now being billed for the full value of my phone, in addition to my monthly service payment. I called and spoke to customer service, and the best they can do is move me back to my previous plan, but that won't happen until mid-January. So now I am stuck with a bill for over $500 right before Christmas and the vague promise of  a "payment" plan for the remainder of my device subsidy. The CSR has to refer this to the "back office" and basically told me to pay only the service fees, not the cost of the phone. 


How is it that Fido can make this type of mistake, and make it basically impossible to fix. Not only am I now missing out on the extra GB of data, and I am stuck with a large bill that I have been told not to pay. I really appreciate the work the CSR tried to do for me, but it seems like all she was able to do was file complaints on my behalf and wait for someone else to make the changes.  As a new customer I am very disappointed with FIDO.



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I am with fido from last 2 years. I also had similar experience. I have requested the plan change on black friday and they still not updating the plan. They told they can update the same on Grandfather Day. Its already 2 months. This is horrible and its not a good experience. will wait for 1 more week.

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Hey lijo,


This doesn't sound right! It shouldn't take 2 months to have this fixed! We have specific dates to make the changes  yes but this delay is way too long!


I'll send you a PM to have this looked into.

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Hey Blastoise


Thanks for taking the time to reach out!


I'm sorry to hear about the mix-up that happened with the plan change.

I'm happy to read that someone is taking care of this 😃


I know it can take a few weeks; I'm sorry for the wait-time! Rest assured that we'll fix this ASAP by getting back the old plan, as fast as we can.


In the meantime, you should be able to still use that extra GB (as if you had the plan you originally requested) and we'll make the right adjustements aftewards! 


I hope this helped 😃


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