Billing delay?

Billing delay?

Billing delay?

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Billing delay?

Is Fido currently having a major billing delay?  I've received no e-bill yet, my account is still reflecting last month's invoice, and my bill date is the 9th of the month...  is something wonky going on since the last round of site maintenance?



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I see numerous posts about delays in billing data from last month, to move than two years old.  My bill gets dated on the 6th of the month, usually i see it online around the 12th.  I consider this very poor service.  My most recent bill is still NOT available and it has now been more than two weeks since the 6th.  Frankly I dont know how they stay in business if this is such  a common occurence.   I opened a Chat session with one of the Support team, but frankly they can do nothing but tell me to wait.


Is there another approach I should take?  i shouldnt have to waste my time with Service Chats or Forums for something as basic as trying to pay for my service on time.

Hey @thetapeman,


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I'd like to reassure you that in the case where there is a delay in your invoice,  we will be extending the time period for payment from the date the bill is issued and the new due date will be indicated on the bill.


I'd love to take a closer look into this with you. I'll be sending you a PM shortly.


Talk to you soon! Smiley



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My billing cycle ends on the 3rd of month.It is now 10 days into next billing cycle and still no update online.How does one pay for services when info is missing ?How long does it take for normal company to update online billing ?



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Hey @jewels121 


That doesn't sound right! I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at your account and bill together. Smiley