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Bill Payment

I join your company a few days ago with my wife. We are diffirent country citizens and we have stayed for one year. Customer service who help us of join your company told us that you(Sabri uzuner) selected $60 and as to your wife selected $40. It is $100 totally. But I have seen almost $141 have to pay. What is this difference about prices


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Hello Sabriuzuner,


  Welcome to the community!


  Have you had a chance to view your bill on My Account? Does it provide a breakdown of the charges?


  If there are extra charges, it's possible they are the result of proration. When you start a new contract, your billing cycle usually starts the day after you signed the contract (day 2).


  On the first day (day 1), you and your wife would only have had access to 1/30th of any allotments in your plans. Accordingly, you will also get charged for 1 day (1/30th of plan rate). However, if you exceeded 1/30th of an allotment that day, you may also get charged for overages.


  For example, if you had 1Gb of data in your plan and you exceeded 34.13Mb (1/30th of 1024Mb or 1Gb) on the first day, you will be charged for extra data for that day. Your first bill will include both your monthly charges and charges for the first day. 


  Any subsequent bills will include the monthly charges for the upcoming month plus any overages **edit** or long-distance charges (depending on specifics of your plans)** from the previous month.


  Does it sound like proration could be the root of the difference?


Hope this helps Smiley