Beyond angry...

Beyond angry...

Beyond angry...

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Beyond angry...

I came here as a last resort.


Unlimited talk and text Canada wide for 2 phones $110.00 per month + taxes = $124.30


One day in April someone called and said they could add 500mb of data at no extra cost

and I said ok. I also made it clear and asked if it was going to change my present plan

at all and I was told no. I also asked if my bill would stay the same and I was told yes.

In may I get my bill for $261.60 and I thought hmm but I paid it.


In June I get my bill for $862.76 and I thinking, what the heck!?!?


I called fido.


MY plan was changed. Unlimited text, 500mb data and 500mb talk.


I told the girl about the phone call I received and she said there was nothing she could

do about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said there was no supervisor there

and I called her a liar. After about a half hour she put the supervisor on. End result I

was told nothing could be done.


More phone calls no results. This continued for weeks.


Then I was told they could drop $30.00 off my bill and they did. Now I apparently owe



I asked the girl about all calls to fido being recorded and she said yes they were. So I

said in that case find the call that I received from that sales person and listen to it.

She said she would get back to me in a couple of days.


A week went by and no call. The following week I called and was told they could not find

the call that came to me. I said well if you record all calls then it is there.


I went on the website and my bill was dropped down another $38.93 making the total



Bare in mind that I had to borrow a phone and have been phoning Fido 3 times a week since

this all started.


I am beyond angry at this now. No one wants to look for the recording what this person

said to me.


I have asked many many times to put my phones back to the plan I had and remove the charges.


I can't use my phone because of it having all these charges added now.


I have 2 children who are ADHD and have many doctors appointments and there is a lot of

communication with many doctors and councilors that can't call anymore unless I borrow a

phone to call them.


NO ONE AT FIDO is listening to me or trying to help me out. I keep daying that FIDO needs

to step up and do the right thing but it falls on deaf ears.


My next step is going to be contacting the news for the public to read and hear.

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Hey @mfkkl


This doesn't sound right. I'm sending you a PM so we can check things out right away!



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not worth it anymore

I'm a Contributor Level 1

As much as I feel I do NOT owe anything as I did not authorize my account being changed I agreed to pay a portion because I was angry and frustrated and just wanted this to end.


At the end of my contract I will be going to another company!!

Hi there!


I'm glad everythign was resolved in PMs!