Being denied Black Friday Promotion

Being denied Black Friday Promotion

Being denied Black Friday Promotion

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Being denied Black Friday Promotion



I came back to Fido since looking at their Black Friday promotion. I signed up but realized there's a better promotion if you choose your province. Who knew I thought it's a nationwide special.


But after calling Fido to change it, I was denied the Quebec province promotion because my number is not a Quebec number. I have always lived in the Quebec side in the National Capital Region(Gatineau/Ottawa). I'm not about to give up a phone number I've had for many years.


So as a Quebec resident, I am being denied the Quebec Black Friday special? Area code alone does not constitute my residency, it should be my billing/mailing address or where I actually live.


So what gives?

Fido Employee

Hello @JohnMark, unfortunately the eligibility criteria for the Black Friday Quebec plans clearly state that a Quebec phone number is required (in addition to a QC billing address). 

I'm a Participant Level 3

Thanks @afterthefact Can you please point me to the text that states such claim?

I'm a Participant Level 3

Based on the the "Full details" of the Black Friday promotion found on


No where it says about "Quebec phone number is required (in addition to a QC billing address). "


Still having a hard time finding where this "clearly" stated claim is located.


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Hi @JohnMark  - I was referring to internal documentation. I am not aware of where this is specified on other than it appearing only when province = QC.



I'm a Participant Level 3

@afterthefact So this "clearly" states is meant for you and not for me. How am I supposed to know all of these as a consumer who doesn't have access to your internal documentation???


So how did I get the Ontario Black Friday promotion if my address is in Quebec but my number is Ontario?


This is obviously a misleading promotion. I am a Quebec resident ever since I was a Fido customer since 2009, why would I be denied of a promotion specifically for Quebec residents?