Basically dismissed

Basically dismissed

Basically dismissed

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Basically dismissed

I've been a customer of Fido since 2007 and was hoping Fido could provide a better offer or just match Freedom's 40/month, 2GB (now 4GB) plan. After a short live chat session, aside from being offered something beyond my budget, I was basically dismissed. I was hoping to remain with Fido if at all possible, but it looks like I'll be switching for good.




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Hello Jace829,


  Welcome to the community!


  Before you make the switch over to Freedom mobile, are you aware of their potential limitations? There are things they don't mention in their commercials...


  Are you aware that unless you live in Eastern Ontario, you'll likely have to get a new phone in order to access their LTE network? Additionally, if you do decide to get a new phone, you're currently limited to a choice of 3 phones. If you do live in Eastern Ontario, LTE won't be traffic-free.


  Depending on your current phone, you might have to get a new phone just to use their '3G' network.


  In addition, are you aware that their coverage is still rather limited? Sure, they state that between their Home and Away (partner) networks, they cover most of Canada. However, if you're on their Away networks, you will be charged pay-per-use for roaming.


 Just make sure their services suit your needs.


Hope this helps Smiley



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Hey @jace829 !

We're so glad that you've been with us for the last 10 years and we're really hoping you'll stay even longer. We really don't want you to feel dismissed Sad

We're happy to go over our options and offer you what we have available. I'll send you a PM shortly Smiley