Bad reception in Brampton

Bad reception in Brampton

Bad reception in Brampton

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Bad reception in Brampton



I recently moved from downtown Toronto to Brampton. While I had no issues with reception while I was in Toronto, the signal is very weak at my house in Brampton. I have to literally stand near the main door and answer my calls, if and when I attempt to answer a call from any other location inside the house, the call is patchy and connection fluctuates like a yo-yo!



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Hey @downloadlad


We offer a pretty strong LTE network connection for the Brampton area. You can take a look at our coverage map right here


We cannot always guarantee the best quality for indoor reception as there are many variables that may be interfering with the reception. 


Did you get a chance to try a manual network search from your phone? Another good tip to try in these situations would be testing the reception on the 3G network instead of the LTE. 


I hope this helps. Smiley 

I'm in Brampton and I do not have any issues.

Edit: put your phone on GSM only and see if you get better signal then put it back on LTE. I just notice I had one bar on LTE so I set my phone to GSM and got better signal now LTE is showing full signal.