Bad device upgrade experience

Bad device upgrade experience

Bad device upgrade experience

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Bad device upgrade experience

Recently called Fido to upgrade my device to iphone 8, during the conversation, the agent assure me “RED” is available as i am not interested in other colors. I agreed to upgrade my plan (extra $20) for 2 years and got the phone for free.


One week pasted, i haven’t receive any delivery/tracking email for the device so i called Fido about the status. Turns out iphone 8 Red is discontinued and no longer available. Funny how i got email confirmation for my upgraded plan within minutes. But no email regarding the phone not available. 


After spending an hour talking to an retention/ customer relation agent, i do not want to settle for a different color iphones 8 nor spending more money for a more premium phone. So i asked the agent to reverse my previous plan as I no longer want to upgrade my device. 


However, I am told that my previous plan is grandfathered and no longer available. Obviously i wasn’t happy with this and explained to the agent that this is not my mistake to cancel the order. Fido told me “RED” is available that’s why i agreed to upgrade, so why can’t i get my old plan back when Fido cancel the order. His response was somewhat rude and arrogant “You agreed to upgrade the plan so we can’t do anything about it. I don’t believe Fido is at fault. Sometimes in life, you can’t win in every situation, this time unfortunately, Fido got the better of the situation” 


i was really upsetted about this and asked to issue a case (form of complaint) to reverse my plan. He insisted it will be rejected and the best he can do is give me $10 credit for the next 12 months so it matches my old plan. Also, if i don’t accept his offer now. I may not get the same offer next time and stuck with the upgrades phone plan. 


I was tire of this non-sense so i accepted the offer. However, I still do not agree that i should suffer from Fido’s mistakes. It’s not like i got the phone for free. I need to upgrade my plan for 2 years so i deserve/expected to get the phone i wanted. 


In short, think twice before upgrade your device.


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Hello Ciredin,


  Welcome to the community!


  I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I understand how upsetting it can all be. Unfortunately, things like that can happen. The system likely did show the Red colour was available when you placed your order. However, if more people than there is available stock also order the same colour, some orders won't get filled. A similar situation happened to me recently. I had ordered a pair of running shoes from a store. Everything seemed fine. A couple of days later I received an email saying they cancelled my order because they could not fill it.


  I understand my situation is not exactly the same as yours since I didn't have to give up any grandfathered plans to order those runners. However, it illustrates that it's not a mistake on anyone's part. It's high demand for a limited number of stock.


  With regards to getting your grandfathered plan back, it is true that they cannot offer a plan which is not available in the system. Unfortunately, your grandfathered plan is no longer in the system.


  Hopefully FidoSaira will be able to provide a suitable resolution for you.


Hope this helps Smiley




Hey @ciredin


I can understand receiving a new phone should be fun and exciting. It's unfortunate to see your experience hasn't been a positive one with us. I can assure you it's definitely not up to par with the service we wish to provide. Smiley 


We'll do our best to help you right here and avoid any further back and forth regarding this situation.


I'll send you a PM so we can get to the bottom of this with you.