Bad Customer appreciation by Fido

Bad Customer appreciation by Fido

Bad Customer appreciation by Fido

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Bad Customer appreciation by Fido

Have been a coutomer with fido for aroung four years, I was going to travel to india for month and called coutomer service to get unlock code for my phone so I can use it there I was told have to pay $50 for it, FOR WHAT for being your coutomer. THANK YOU very much for asking me to pay for something that should be FREE. 

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Hello Ranjitt,


  I understand your frustration. However, it should be mentioned that all of the mobile providers charge for unlocking phones -- it's not just Fido.


Have a good trip! Smiley



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It's in the fine print, my friend.  It is also fido policy and as much as many of us disagree with it, it is policy.


Alternatively, you can go online and get an unlock code for your phone at a lesser price.  Please note that it is a "do it at your own risk" and I am (nor Fido or anyone here) can make any guarantee that it will work.


Good luck and have a safe trip to India. 


@Ranjitt I would agree that a phone provider should unlock the phone for free once the phone has been paid for.


Back in the days phone providers did not unlock phone or cared to do it until the CRTC made it mandatory that they should provide the service once the customer meet a certain criteria and its in the Fido policy about phone unlocking. You can get more info here.