BYOB 10GB for $60/mo promo

BYOB 10GB for $60/mo promo

BYOB 10GB for $60/mo promo

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BYOB 10GB for $60/mo promo


I managed to switch 3 of myines to the 60$ 10 gb plan but was told I needed to buy out my phones. After waiting almost 2 hrs I didn't have the energy to argue but I was later told by one of my friends that she didn't have to buy her phone out!! She only needed to pay 4$ more for the plan for a total of 64$. She has almost a year left with Fido and I have 4 months of contract time left (I've been with Fido for 6 years) and wasn't even offered an early upgrade credit. Has anyone else also experienced this? I'm going to try to call in tomorrow 

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Hello. Im a loyal client of Fido and have 4 lines with them.  Im sure they will help you, and offer you the best options possible. Unfortunately right now they are a bit overwhelmed.  Just know that Im

sure they appreciate your business and loyalty  

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Hi @pamelatupac & welcome to the Community!


If you have an agreement, the options would have been to either buy out or to switch to the $85 Large plan version. We don't have any offers to pay $4 more per month.


Let me know if you have any questions.