BAD 'CHAT' Experience - pushed me over the edge to go elsewhere for plan

BAD 'CHAT' Experience - pushed me over the edge to go elsewhere for plan

BAD 'CHAT' Experience - pushed me over the edge to go elsewhere for plan

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BAD 'CHAT' Experience - pushed me over the edge to go elsewhere for plan

I just went online to see what my option were for reducing my bill, and the CSR was incoherent, unhelpful, used language which leads me to beleive English was a second language (which I don't have a problem with if given clarification), and when I suggested that I would shop around for better deals, he just signed off with "For sure, best of luck finding that. Cheers" and closd the chat.

I was pretty sure that I would look around for better deals (which WIND seems to have at present), but this interaction has most definitely pushed me away from FIDO... well done Fido!




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This is probably the case of a customer who is extremely upset that Fido could not offer the "plan" he or she wants so this individual decides to throw a tamper tandrum.  Chances is that it is an unrealistic plan that was offered many years ago.  Since this indivdual has no grounds to stand on, he or she resolves the situation by making fun of the service rep about Engligh was the 2nd language and being unhelpful.  It seems to be happening very often in USA. I guess this behavior has made it into Canada.



If you are not satisifed with Fido, please feel free to leave.  I won't feel sorry for you leaving (not a single bit) and I am sure many other customers will agree.  Go, the "Wind" is blowing at your direction.


I rather have the Fido reps focusing on helping customers who values their service than try to calm someone who thinks they above everyone else. 

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Hello MB_in_Vancouver,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you had a bad experience with the online chat.


  I just want to reiterate what I posted in the other thread you posted in regarding better deals. Judging by your screen name, you're in Western Canada. You will very likely have to get a new phone if you do decide to switch to Freedom mobile and want to avail of their LTE network. **edit** Perhaps to access their '3G' network as well -- depending on your phone**. You may be considering purchasing a new phone anyways, however, you should note that there are very few phones currently on the market that support their LTE band/frequency in Western Canada so your selection would be limited.


Hope this helps Smiley




Hey @MB_in_Vancouver and thank you for reaching out Smiley


Really sorry to see you had a bad chat with this representative.


I'm sure that it was not the best experience, and we would hate to see you go.

I would be happy to go over your account with you to see what can be done.


I'm sending you a PM now to get this looked into Smiley

Talk to you soon!!