Android phone not syncing on network

Android phone not syncing on network

Android phone not syncing on network

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Android phone not syncing on network

My gmail app, google drive,  google play, facebook, twitter etc cannot seem to sync when I am using the fido LTE network. However it can syn if I am using wifi. The problem started about 2 weeks ago. 


I am however able to sync to my google+ acount and google calendar and skype. And I am able to used google chrome/ internet browser.


I tryed deleting app data/ catch and removed/ re-added facebook, google twitter etc.


My setting are fine as I can tell. That is, auto syncing is enabled for all apps, I do not 'restric background data' and I have no special conditions like 'only use on wifi'.


I don't sync my contacts, so it's not that "contact syncing" issue.


I tryed disconeting and reconecting to the fido network, restarted my phone, did variation of all of the abouv in different order.


Here are the error messages I get for:

- gmail app: waiting for sync, your email will apear shortly (but never does)

- Sync gmail (under settings> accounts> google> accounts > sync drive): Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly (never does)

- Play store: Check your connection and try again

- Twitter:  error occured while trying to sign in (then this message appears in my phone's status bar "logging onto to twitter with your other applications" don't know what that is...)

-facebook: Sorry unable to login to Facebook. Please check you network connection or try again later.


The comon thread here is the nework. Everything work on wifi, and I DO have access to my data since I am able to brows the internet when I am on the network. Please help. I'm at a complete loss.



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I'm stumped. 


@Community: Anyone?