Almost time to move on

Almost time to move on

Almost time to move on

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Almost time to move on

I've been with Fido since around 2000. There have been ups and downs, as there are with any business relationship. But I think it is almost time to move on. The value of Fido has really gone downhill, especially over the last few years. There were always excuses, like the move to 2 years terms, which resulted in massive price increases even though the actual impact to the carriers was minimal; or actually blaming the strong US dollar for another round of huge price hikes. Or that it's Tuesday rate hike day (just kidding, unfortunately, it's as valid as most of the other excuses).


I understand that this behaviour has not been unique to Fido. All of the big carriers and their flanker brands, in areas not services by another major independent carrier, like Manitoba, Saskatchewan or Thunder Bay, have acted a bit like pigs at a trough, gorging themselves on price hikes and diminishing value. But since I am a Fido customer and have been for so long, I felt the need to express my feeling here. 


My plan has been the same for about 5-6 years, yet over that time the monthly price has almost doubled. There is simply no reasonable justification for that. Further, I was recently informed that my plan no longer qualifies for any subsidy on iPhones at all, so by time I add a full price phone, a part of which used to be included in the monthly fees, the effective cost for the same services and comparable devices has more than doubled. I was presented with the option of going to an even higher priced plan that would provide even less value in order to maintain the handset discount going forward. Not going to happen. I will not spend >$600 more per year to receive the same or less than I was previously.


As technology evolves and improves, whether it is hardware or services, the prices almost always decrease as the products/services improve. Somehow, unique to Canada, our cell services are increasing at rates unheard of in any other business.


For the first time in many years, I am now actively looking into alternatives to Fido. I understand that it will be a challenge to find a carrier that provides comparable services for substantially less, but I am going to try. The remaining new wireless entrant has improved significantly in my area and their roaming rates in Canada are now identical to Fido's data overage rates, so they are more attractive than they used to be. I've also been told that it might be possible to switch to one of the other flanker brands and obtain their Manitoba/Saskatchewan plans, which would provide me with a very similar plan to what I have now and what I was paying for it 6 years ago, albeit without a subsidy. 


That's my rant. I know I am not alone in feeling that the Canadian wireless industry has let Canadians down. I am honestly sickened by the behaviour of our national carriers.




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Been with Fido since 98 and feel the same way. In the process of jumping ship! Goodbye Fido

Hey @Trevtb!


Oh No, we wouldn't want to see you go! What makes you feel this way?



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Being told I am a valued customer then being ripped off. For example almost 2 years ago signed new contract with Fido at absolutely best price $55 a month, plus I paid 300$ for a new iPhone 5s. Was told only getting this plan cause of loyalty and no one else could get this "amazing plan".Not even 1 month later my wife got same plan as me but for $50'a month and got iPhone 5s for free. Valued customer, ya right

It happens that we have promotions, and we're happy to offer them when we can. Keep in mind that our plans, services and promotions can change at any time. I'm glad we were able to offer both you and your wife a special deal Smiley


We're more than happy to look into your current options if you'd like Smiley




Hey @10yearfido and thanks for reaching out Smiley

I hear you and I can assure you that we do our best to provide good promotions to our customers.

We would hate to see you go. I'm sending you a PM now so we can take a look at your options.

Talk to you soon !!