Allow Incoming Text Only, Block Outgoing Text And All Incoming & Outgoing Calls

Allow Incoming Text Only, Block Outgoing Text And All Incoming & Outgoing Calls

Allow Incoming Text Only, Block Outgoing Text And All Incoming & Outgoing Calls

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Allow Incoming Text Only, Block Outgoing Text And All Incoming & Outgoing Calls

I have the 3G data plan, and would like to have these features: 

Allow Incoming Texts Only,

Block Outgoing Texts And All Incoming & Outgoing Calls. 

There is no issue with blocking outgoing calls and outgoing texts. 

However, testing with a representative over the phone confirmed that blocking incoming calls also blocks incoming texts automatically.  Can Fido separate incoming calls from incoming texts features?  The objective is TO ALLOW INCOMING TEXTS while blocking incoming calls.  Thank you for your help. 




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Hi @mail2ttn & welcome to the Community. Smiley


It's unfortunately not possible for us to only block incoming calls as the feature also blocks incoming text messages. As much as I'd like to do it for you, this is a system limitation that we have.


Let me know if you have any other questions!

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Go in your phone settings and look for FND or fixed dialing number. you will need to obtain your puk2 codes or soemthing. 

I no longer have an android phone to actualy look at and tell you what it could be labled but its basic feature of the sim. 

you will have to log in or call fido for your puk2 codes


calling *611 is always free! 
please add that and 911 in to the Fixed dialing number. 

Most phones also have auto reject calls. I found though if you set it for all people. you will have an anoying noitification on your android saying you did that. 

When I went to the tablet plan in my phone, I had no caller id service so it worked perfectly with no notifcations on phone when the caller id information was not sent to my device. 

blocking out going texts is kind of harder. I havent tryed that. 

and yes, because I my self have sent texts for 25cents when I can do it free over my megabites. 

I never did the FND but i should of done it because a few times the phone app over rided all other apps. 

I do not recomend blocking incomeing text messages. if it risks losing phone calls. 

There should be better ways such as auto forward to voice mail, 

hell dont tell anyone but go in your phones settings and go look for the voice mail box. and change that number with your texto. I figure fido is gonna fix it. but its my second time telling a fido rep and only a fido rep. and now my second time, hey, im helping you crazy guys like me that only wanted a data plan, then his phone broke, bought a crappier phone, broke that, then broke another phone by fying it, and finaly got a locked bell ipjone 
@ups guy 
ugh, Please, UPS guy come here so I can just set up my iphone and leave my house finaly 

@FidoMaria People want this customisation and im glad you guys anoyed me to come back here in an email. because this is the kind of customers that are flocking to your services and this is what they want. 

Sms verfication ( aka facebook,google,.ect wanting your phone number to prevent hackers) does not work on free cellphone numbers from app carriers. so the need a real verfiable real life carrier sim to send to. 

I think its time we the people changed the system and let pre payed be super customisable for thoes power users who know what they want and dont need customer service unless they truly need it. 
I know other providers have it but, they dont have the same care fido does. 

But you know to, It might just be luck of the day at the mall when buddy hooked my sim free of charge. 

things such as data block and stuff I'd have to call you guys for can not be done via the online. 

like I should be able to set up my fido iphone because i actualy have a desk. I think that was holding me back from doing computer work... (sorry train wreck of though there) 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts @Jakethecanadien Smiley