Agents offering false offers to make a sale

Agents offering false offers to make a sale

Agents offering false offers to make a sale

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Agents offering false offers to make a sale

Initially on Nov 29, 2019 I called Fido back since the agent before offered me a pretty good landline and internet deal ($18/monthly for landline and $37.50 for internet with no fees and all the activation fees covered). When speaking to the agents they mentioned that the offer was valid but there would be fees for the landline. I was then transferred over to the loyalty department to see if the fees could be waived. I spoke with an agent named Julian who said he was a supervisor (which I found out later that might not necessarily be true). He said that they could credit me the $35 for the landline activation but he couldn't do anything about the $65 modem purchase. So after being on the phone with him for over an hour and a half, my dad and I bit the bullet and decided to sign up for Fido's landline and internet, especially since he said that our landline number would take a max of 2 hours to be transferred over from the other provider after the installation. Julian processed everything and said that we should receive the landline and internet modem by the upcoming Monday. 

The next day (Nov 30) I called back to inquire about the tablet offer that Julian mentioned the previous day but forgot to get the details when I was on the line with him. I spoke with an agent named Junior who told me that it was $15/month for a 4gbs of data per month but since I signed up for Fido internet they would be able to credit the $15/month for 2 years and credit the $35 activation fee (so I would not have to pay anything as long as I cancelled after the 2 years). He also, mentioned that it would be not linked to my internet plan so if I were to cancel the home internet in the future the tablet credit would not be affected and for this offer I would be able to get a 6th gen Ipad. I ended up agreeing to a pre-owned 6th gen Ipad 128gbs (he defined pre-owned as someone who changed their mind after 2-3 days and sent it back to Fido where Fido verified that there was nothing wrong with it). He then put the order in and said that I should receive it earliest by the upcoming Wednesday.


Monday then came by and we received our Internet modem but not the landline modem. So I called in to inquire about it and the agent said that he could not see it under my account but to give it another 2-3 days since it's Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


The next day I called Fido to inquire about the internet modem again around the afternoon and the agent on the line said that the landline modem was not even processed. She then said she could process it which would take up to 7 business days to come in or I could go to a store and pick it up. The only store that had it was a 30-40 minute drive away from where I was but I bite the bullet since I did not want to wait for it to be shipped to me (not even sure if it would've...). After the landline modem was purchased in store the same agent (on the phone) looked at the tablet order and said that was also not processed. She looked more into and came back to me saying that the tablet offer was only for the Samsung Tab A. If I wanted the Ipad 6th gen (128gbs) and for the deal previously mentioned I would have to pay $200 upfront for it. I then got transferred to a manager since she said that she could not do anything else. After speaking with the manager, the best she could offer me was a $100 MasterCard gift card (that I was initially supposed to get since I signed up for Fido home internet). After we went back and forth I decided to go down to the 32gbs for the Ipad 6th gen (would've still costed me $100 upfront) and decided to sign up. While she was processing the order, she mentioned that this deal ($15/month credit for 2 years) would only be good if I did not cancel the internet plan which the first agent (Junior) said it's not linked to my internet plan. That was the last straw and I told her to not process the order since this was a deal breaker.


I then went home to set up the internet and landline and after everything was set up I called the in to have my number from the other provider transferred over to Fido. The agent told me that it would take a max of 3 business days which was not what I was told at the start by (Julian who said he was a supervisor...). So currently, I have to cross my fingers that when I wake up tomorrow morning that my number will be transferred over otherwise I would have to call in again....


Over the span of 4-5 days I had to call Fido 6-7 times. To me, it feels like agents would say whatever to help themselves make a sale. I have recorded every agents name that I spoke with in the 4-5 days and interaction ID. I find this very frustrating since I've been told one thing but when I call back to find out that it's not true and also the fact that I had to rely on myself driving in to a distant mall to pick up the product in store when it was told that it would be shipped to me. After being a Fido customer for approximately 10 years this is the customer service I get?! This is horrible customer service!!!



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