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Again offer not honored by fido.

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

In brief. 

No the offer will not be honored even if customer service took a while addressing your concern. 


New Business is not Appreciated from existing client. 


If you like a deal Get it even if there is an error on the offer?  ( why would i go for a deal without confirming when something was not offered) 


31st dec. 

i called up customer service and was provide an offer for adding a new line.


Asked the customer service to repeat the offer twice. 


1st jan.

Went to store and found the discount was not mentioned on the note. this not Present. 


Tried calling customer service. ( closed for new year, totally under stand) 

Left a message on the fb chat platform and after 4 hours got a standard response.

and after Presenting my concern. No more response. 


2nd Jan.



Called customer service.

Rep over phone said the additional new Line discount is an error of the earlier rep to mention and cannot be honored. 


However, the remainder of the offer still holds with the credit to be honored even though offer supposed to have expired. 



Got a reply from the chat platform. And to be on the safe side before visiting the store. Reconfirmed. 


And to my horror l, was told. 

The phone cost hiked up. 


End of story, hiccups of 48 hrs.

no the offer will not be honored.