Add me to the list of people angry about fido dollars

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Add me to the list of people angry about fido dollars

Add me to the list of people angry about fido dollars

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Add me to the list of people angry about fido dollars

I have around 170 fido dollars. I can see from other posts that the mods suggest using them for "phones, travel packs, SIM card, add-ons or Prepaid Airtime."


phones: it doesn't seem that I can just use those fido dollars to buy a phone outright and i need to get a plan. add to that the fact that fido doesn't appear to have any phone that i want (nexus 5x or moto play, for example.) So I can't really use those fido dollars for a phone. Add to that the fact that I would lose my current plan which is much better than anything else offered today.


travel packs: i have no plans for immediate travel and I use other providers when i travel anyway. so i can't use fido dollars for that either.


SIM card: ermmmm, i already have a SIM card. why would i need another?


Add-ons: I don't need any add-ons and even if i did, one can only apply fido dollars to the first month anyway.


Prepaid airtime: that would be nice since i have two prepaid accounts in addition to my post-pay account but fido says you cannot use your fido dollars on a different account.


the options that fido offers for their dollars are of no use and never have been. frankly, i would be less unhappy if fido had never offered them to me in the first place. Why have a loyalty scheme that frustrates the customer?


So I guess come july, my fido dollars will just vanish into thin air. That sure makes me a happy happy customer.





Hey @robertb and welcome to the Community Smiley


Just to clarify with you.


You can actually puchase a phone/ device with or without a Fido agreement.


So it wouldn't be a problem to buy your phone outright, and you wouldn't have to take a plan either.


To find all your options to use your rewards, you can take a look at the FidoDOLLARS General store here


We certainly don't want to see you leave in July.


I would be happy to take a look at your options with you. I'm sending you a PM now.


Talk to you soon Smiley 




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another thing you can do with your fido dollars in order to use them before expiration is to buy an iphone, sell it online, and then use to proceeds to purchase whatever else you want from an unlocked reseller of your choosing.  everyone it seems wants an iphone, you won't have any problem getting rid of it.