Activation Fee on BYOD

Activation Fee on BYOD

Activation Fee on BYOD

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Activation Fee on BYOD

i just activate a new line with fido at best buy mobile. however i was charged a $30 activation fee even there's no hardware upgrade. this is very disappointed, as i'm using my own device, and it stated that activation fee is charged on hardware upgrade only.


I'm a Participant Level 1

The bestbuy store also promised me to waive the $30 activation fee because I clearly said I’d rather go online and do it for free.  So they said they’ll waive it for me, even pointed at the paperwork where it states the $30 activation fee, and told me it’ll be waived.  First month, no fee waived. I called Fido, they told me FIDO themselves cannot waive the fee that was promised at any best buy stores. Those are honored by bestbuy, not fido.  So i went to the store, and was told the “promotion code” will be applied to my bill the following cycle.  Second month, fee not waived. Went to best buy, and you can see it in their faces when I tell them what happened; that this is not the first time. They still try to BS me with “ you have to call FIDO, or maybe it’ll be applied to your third bill.” *facepalm*  I clearly mentioned that fido has nothing to do with waiving any fee’s, yet theyre still trying to blame it on Fido.  They then offered to give me a $30 gift card if my third bill still doesnt have the $30 waived.  Pretty much a sign, “we messed up”. Third bill is here, still no fee waived. 


Guys, I know it’s $30. Big woop! Don’t promise me it’ll be waived when I kindly declined the process of opening a new service at the store, because I can activate it myself online for FREE!!  

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The Transaction Fee is charged to activate your service/device on the Fido network and this fee helps cover costs associated with improving our service, providing you with a reliable and consistent network, and increasing our coverage to reach even more Canadians.


That said, you are correct when you mention that the fee is waived when you order online. Right now we do have promotions for both hardware upgrades and new account activations where if the transaction is completed on the fee is waived entirely. On our end, that is the current promotion we have in order for the fee to be waived and it would there fore be charged if you renew or activate in a Best Buy store.For this reason, you were also correct when you mentioned that as Best Buy offered the promo it would be something they apply on their end to the account.


I hope this info helps clarify things and I do hope this gets resolved for you directly with Best Buy. If ever for any reason you'd like us to look further into it, please do not hesitate to contact us or let us know and we'll send you a PM right here on the Community! 

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The transaction fee applies for both new activations (with or without a phone purchase) and hardware upgrades.  It doesn't apply for transactions done on though.


I hope it clarifies!