Activate Spotify add-on

Activate Spotify add-on

Activate Spotify add-on

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Activate Spotify add-on

Hey everyone,


Looking to activate Spotify Premium on your plan? Click here 


Already have a Spotify Premium account but just added the $9.99 add-on? Here are the steps to get it hooked up:


1. Go to

2. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, we won’t recognize your number. Enter your phone number and click GET CODE to, well, get your code. In a few seconds, you'll get a text message with an access code.



- After you get the code, go back to and enter the access code. Click SUBMIT.

- If is not recognizing the code, turn off Wi-Fi. Try to complete the activation when you're connected to the Fido network.


4. You'll see a pop-up letting you know you have to cancel your current subscription to avoid additional charges. Select YES, CANCEL MY SUBCRIPTION.

* Don’t worry; you won’t lose any of your playlists!

5. Review your purchase and click SUBMIT.


6. Check I agree to the Terms & Conditions and click SUBMIT.

7. Click LOG IN.

8. You'll automatically be brought to Spotify's website to connect your existing Spotify account to Fido. Click LOG IN TO SPOTIFY.

9. Enter your username and password with Spotify or login with Facebook.


10. Click OKAY to give your authorization to connect Fido to your existing Spotify account.





11. Close the window and go back to

12. From, click CANCEL SPOTIFY to cancel your existing Spotify Premium subscription.

13. Once more, you'll be automatically brought to Spotify's website. Enter your username and password with Spotify or login with Facebook.

14. On the Spotify cancellation page, enter your password for verification purposes. The Cancel Spotify Premium Subscription option will then be accessible, click on it and you'll get a confirmation that your paid subscription with Spotify is cancelled. You're done!

15. If you need to download the Spotify app again, go back to and click GET APP. You'll automatically be brought to your phone's app store.