Account name and address

Account name and address

Account name and address

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Account name and address

I've been contacting customer service so many times to correct my official name and my billing address,

they did not correct them and it's been a month. 

I am so tired of this.

Everytime I call them and say please correct my name and address and they said 'sure'.

But then nothing happened. WHY?


I can't pay my bills because of this and I don't want to pay any delay fee because of this.


And this is not even my fault, when I open new account

one of representative typed my name wrong, and she got the information on address wrong as well.

So unprofessional.




Why you do this to me.




Former Moderator

Hey kimtok,


Welcome to the Community Smiley 


Thanks for reaching out! We're sad to hear about your experience, we'll make sure to fix it as soon as possible.


I'll go ahead and send you a private message to get this looked into!