Account cancellation

Account cancellation

Account cancellation

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Account cancellation

Hi! I have been using fido since I moved to canada(march 2015) but I'll need to go back to my country soon(march 1st 2016) so I would like to know if i can book(?) a specific day to cancel my account.


Thanks in advance,






Former Moderator

Hi JPedro


I'll send you a PM so we can look into this together 😃


By the way, if you ever need assistance with your account, you can always reach by PM on Facebookor by DM on Twitter

I'm a Participant Level 1

Like JPedro, I'm actually now out of Canada.  I left my SIM with my kid and I would like to cancel it by Feb 13th.  So, any help?  How do i go through this process?

Hey hori and welcome to the Fido Community Smiley


I would be happy to help you with all that.


I will need to have access to your account to get this looked into.


For future reference, you can also reach us through Twitter and Facebook for any account related requests.


For now, let me send you a PM, talk to you soon Smiley