Accepted prepaid credit cards- not working

Accepted prepaid credit cards- not working

Accepted prepaid credit cards- not working

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Accepted prepaid credit cards- not working

I dont knwo if anyone else has ever has this issue, but I use a prepaid credit card with my bank to pay bills online. I was able to make a small payment to my fido bill, however, i tried shortly after to try a more substatnial payment and it said my card was expired? It is not expired, and literally worked minutes before. I have no oustanding charges going through, therefore it should go through just fine. 


Has anyone else had this issue with prepaid visa cards from their financial institution? It's weird for it to sometimes work, and then not work at all.  Then, I end up with an error message on fido sometimes saying their having issues with their system.


Anyone know a workaround? I also tried from different computers and browsers. I sent a message to the Facebook Messenger Fido people, but never get a response for which I am able to reply to. 

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Hey @estoniangirl91!


We're you able to make your payment? Did FidoNick's suggestion help?


Let us know!


That's definitely quite odd @estoniangirl91!


Since it's a prepaid card, if there's enough money in the card to cover the payment it should work. You mentioned trying different browsers, have you by any chance tried paying through the app or by calling *28 on your Fido phone? I suggest giving that a try and letting us know if those methods give the same type of error.


Keep us posted!