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Absolutely embarassing "Loyalty" program

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I get a phone call today from a Fido rep saying that they have a "Loyalty" upgrade because I've been with Fido for about 10 and a half years, it ends up being extra data, and some international calling options... For an extra 30 dollars or so on top of my current plan which was grandfathered in from when I started with Fido.


I was floored by what a goddamn joke this was. A waste of my time and the representatives time. When I heard loyalty, I was thinking that perhaps I'd get some extras for LESS money, instead of "Thank you for giving us money for a decade, we'd like to take some more from you." 


Fido, this call felt like "We know you are getting a decent plan (not great, because 85 bucks for a plan nowadays is still highway robbery) so we'd like to give you some bonuses and gouge some more money from you under the veil of LOYALTY."


Don't waste my time with these calls unless you actually intend to give your loyal customers something they can be happy with and not just a bigger cashgrab.




Hey @mattplex,


First, we'd like to thank you for your long time loyalty, it means a lot that you've stayed with us for so long!


I'm really sad to learn about your experience with the offer. It's really not the impression we want you to have, we're always working on getting the best options and deals for our customers.


In your case, did the agent discuss more than one option with you? Were you perhaps interested in getting a new device? The offers may vary if you're looking to get a 2 year agreement with a subsidized device.


We'd be happy to take a second look at your account to make sure that all the best available options were covered, I'm sending you a PM.


Talk soon!