About the $100 yearly prepaid plan

About the $100 yearly prepaid plan

About the $100 yearly prepaid plan

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About the $100 yearly prepaid plan


My mother is not a frequent caller, so she got the $100 prepaid plan that expires in 365 days.I was told buy the sales rep at the time that she won't be charged for local incoming calls.But when she finished her $100 in surprise, I went to check the transaction history and saw that she was charged for every type of incoming calls.


I understand that she would be charged for long distance incoming call (which we both forgot about and had almost $50 spent on that), but how come she is being charged for local incoming calls?


I can't find any information about this plan on the website, can somebody please tell me about the details of it?




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Re: About the $100 yearly prepaid plan

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The 'Airtime Rate By the Minute - 30¢ per minute any time' applies to all calls.


All incoming and outgoing calls are billed at 0.30$ per minute.

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the $100 is not a plan, it's a refill to your prepaid account. Refills have expire date. If you don't use it until that date, you will loose that money, UNLESS you buy a new refill BEFORE the expire date. In that case, your remaining balance will be carried forward with the new expire date of the new refill. The $100 refill expires in 1 year. The others expire in a month, I guess.


The money you have in your account is used to pay for plans and anything not covered by the plan. If you don't choose a plan, you will be in the "By the minute" plan, 40cents/min.


the $85 "by th year" plans offer:   - unlimited TEXT, or

                                                           - unlimited NIGHTs & WEEKENDS (7pm to 7am), incoming or outcoming. Outside this hours you pay anytime minutes. (40c/min)


both plans include 100 min/ YEAR for anytime minutes.


Check your account. My guess is you have no plan. If you had the wrong plan (inlimited text) you would have only $6 left in your account, which it would finish during the first call.


You don't pay for " long distance incoming call". Doesn't matter where the call come from. It matters where you are when you received the call. If you are in your area code (home), that is local. if you are in other city, you are charge long distance apart to your local time.

Make sure your mom's number is for HER address. If it's not, change the number. If she pays long dist calling you and you have a plan that includes L.D. , let her call you and hang up.Don't answer or she pays for a minute.  then you call her back.


The $85 is actually very good. Just be strong to not use the phone before 7pm. She can use text during the daytime.

There is no long distance charge for text.


ADD-ONs are different for pre and post paid.


To see addons for prepaid: go fido.ca -> Shop -> Prepaid. Then under any plan click in the link "learn more" or "view all plans". In that page you will find your yealy plan. Under the TITLE "Prepaid plans and services" there is a menu to add-ons.

there there is a "North American Long Distance Preferred Rate Add-on", $5 /month. LD will cost 10cents/min.

If she uses text, there is $5/month for 250 messages.


Good luck.



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do they still have this ??
I got my phone last year in january 2015 and it expires on  jan2016.  i love this plan.  and want it for my moms phone which is pay as you go .  and extend mine but i don't see the options anywhere?!?!

Hey peachesandpea22!


We don't have the $100 yearly plan anymore but we still have $100 prepaid vouchers that lasts a year. 


Here are the plans we have right now: http://bit.ly/Prepaid-Plans


Hope this helps Smiley 

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Hi, sorry I probably got you confused by saying "plan".. it is not a plan.

I logged in to her account and here is the information:


Airtime Rate
By the Minute - 30¢ per minute any time


and refilled $100 - expires in 365 days




this is what she has been using since last September. And she has been charged for incoming calls for the past 6 months even though we never went on vacation or anything. (so area picked up is the same area as address)



And oops I replied with her account logged in.


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The 'Airtime Rate By the Minute - 30¢ per minute any time' applies to all calls.


All incoming and outgoing calls are billed at 0.30$ per minute.

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Here's a link to all our current prepaid services; Fido Prepaid


Please specify which service your mother chose,