A rip off - don't get bright star insurance

A rip off - don't get bright star insurance

A rip off - don't get bright star insurance

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A rip off - don't get bright star insurance

Just so no one else pays money for bad service. i took some time to let people know that brightstart is a ripoff with terrible service. i put in a claim and got a phone that was not working ( bad sim) they put in a second claim and I got a second phone that was not working ( bad sim) then i was told that I had to wait 48 hours to put the second claim through because the phone was not in the system . And, then I would get a third phone. When I asked to speak to the manager - a fellow Adam was on the phone and very snarkily said that was just the way it was. Anyway still without a phone and will not be renewing with Fido because i see lots of complaints and they obviously don't care. So hopefully this helps someone and saves them aggravation and money.

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Hey @orangechocolate,


Welcome to the Community! You're at the right place for help Smiley


I'm really sorry to hear your poor experience with Brightstar, that is not what we want for our customers. If the device you received is defective, you have a warranty on your purchase. Rest assured that we do care Smiley We'll send you a PM and we will look into this with you.


Talk to you soon!

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hello - the saga with the replacement phone from brighstar continues.


as per our last conversation you helped me and activated the SIM


A couple weeks later the replacement phone started being buggy with the screen not  working. Apple support helped me do a restore and it worked for a couple weeks and now the screen is not working again. Apple support suggests I take it in for a service at apple.



Basically this second replacement phone is a buggy phone. I can send it back to brightstar and get another one but i don't want another bad phone.


What are my options here - it has been a month of phone issues?


is there any way that I can ask for a new phone not a restored phone? 



can I  get my own new phone from apple and get out of any contractual obigations?


Ideally, in future i don't want a fido phone or insurance it is not a good service or value.





Hey @orangechocolate,


Sad to see you've experiencing difficulties with your replacement device as well. 


You mentioned that restoring the device helped resolve the complications you had with your screen. Did you restore again afterwards from a back up? 


If it is a software related issue, it may have come back with the restore from back up. Can you confirm that it was working correctly while it was set to it's factory settings? 

In regards to the replacements, the device sent to you from Brightstar should either be new or work like a new phone. You'd have to verify directly with them on which of the two options you get though. 

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As my original statement - this insurance is a rip-off .

Due to this terrible service I want out of my contract to have a phone from Fido and purchase my own phone You did not answer me on my options. After a month of hours on phone to get a working phone without success -  my lack of patience is reasonable. 


Right now my options to have a working phone are not acceptable 1- to put in another service request with brightstar  and try to get another phone and I have no faith in another phone working 2. continue with Fido or apple to get a working phone. This is literally hours on phone or in person to get a working phone that I am paying for.


re: bright star phones

The phones that brightstar give you are not new phones they are replacement phones that are the same model and type and in working order. ( and in my case not working order) they do not give you a new phone, they give you a refurbished replacement. Fido should be clear about that when you pay for this insurance not to mention that they are complete **bleep** service when you call.


re: history of phone


  • the phone arrived with an error of sim not working
  • I contacted fido and you got the sim working
  • within a week the phone was buggy i called apple and we did a restore - the phone worked for about a week then the screen started acting erratically
  • I contacted apple yesterday and we were unable to do a restore because the screen would not consistently work to do a restore.
  • I made an appointment apple service center on saturday to assist in restore or what is required to have a working phone

I will follow up this email with a phone call because at this point I want an answer on getting out of my contract not more crazy about how to fix the phone.

Hello @organgechocolate


I went over the thread and I'm sorry to learn that you have so much trouble with your replacement phone.


Of course if you still have issues with the new device provided, you have a warranty on it which allows you to replace it once again.


It's definitely not normal that you keep having difficulties with your phone screen and we understand how important it is for you to have a functional phone.


We would be happy to go over this with you. I'm sending you a PM to discuss this. Talk to you soon.





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Hello I haven't heard from any Fido support


And my question remains the same - I want to get out of my contract and purchase my own phone.

The Fido phone and insurance is not good value and a rip off.


I do not want to continue with more back and forth with Fido and/or brightstar. 


I would appreciate a reply and next steps



Hey @orangechocolate



That's odd, you should have received a PM from us yesterday. I'll send you another one to see what's happening here and so we can take a closer look into this together!