A new promo plan, right after I opened a new account?

A new promo plan, right after I opened a new account?

A new promo plan, right after I opened a new account?

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A new promo plan, right after I opened a new account?

On Wednesday I opened a new account with a 2GB/$15 tablet plan (I needed it seperate for billing purposes). The very next day Fido releases a new promo 3GB/$15.


I called in today to change the 2GB/$15 plan to the new promo. After a great deal of waiting while this gentleman got his bearings (wasn't even aware of the promo, advertised on your website...) I was told I could not because it's only for new activations. This account was activated the day before the promo, literally. He couldn't help me and he could not get me someone who could. I then tried the chat, and got a little further, with the agent this time acknowledging they could change the plan, but the cavet being the 3GB plan would only be active from December 2nd and not today. Meaning for one month I get to pay the same price but get less data. His explaination was that Fido doesn't pro-rate data plans.


My only option now as I see it is to cancel this line and just reopen it, or possibly consider virgin mobile instead, who are offering the same promo but also a free tablet for 2yr agreement. I've also discovered that'll be on the hook for $15 if I cancel today since I've used 108kb of data and Fido doesn't pro-rate data...


This is all very silly. I've been a Fido subscriber for over 9 years straight, much longer if I include the old account I had when it was Microcell. I hope, somewhere in Fido, there's a someone with enough common sense to see that this situation is ridiculous. I don't enjoy writting ranting forum posts about something so basic. I've had 5 interactions with Fido support in the past 3 days and only 2 of them I would say actually resolved my issues. This will be the 6th. Can someone please do something about this?



Hello @vanglitch,


While promotions are always changing I can under stand you would want the plan with the most data for the same price. 


The chat agent offered you the best solution, whenever a plan change is being done it always gets set for the next billing cycle. 


You took the 2gb at $15 plan because it obviously worked for you, why not just wait until December and then you get access to the new plan? If you change the plan now you will have to pay $15 for the 2gb and then you will be charged another $15 for the 3gb so that's a total of $30. Even if you cancel now you will still have to pay the $15.


The chat agent info was accurate and it was the best solution.

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I gave the chat agent this analogy:


If you were to buy something and then the very next day the deal was improved, would you not want the same thing?


I think my request is reasonable. I could agree to the circumstances of having to wait till the next billing cycle if Fido could show some goodwill and offer me a discount on the plan as well as an extra GB of data this month to compensate for the difference.

Why should they? 


By taking the plan you agreed to the terms and condition, the new promo is for new activations but because you were one day into your plan the agent still went ahead and give you the new plan because that's good customer service. 


As reasonable as your request is Fido did follow through and give you the new plan but you just can't wait you want it right now if that's the case pay the $15 for the 2gb plan and then pay another $15 for the new 3gb plan. 


You want Fido to be reasonable but you don't want to be reasonable.

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Because it's the right thing to do?


I think you and I are not going to agree on what is reasonable and that is fine. You're more than welcome to your opinion.

Because you are looking to get everything in your favour that's not being reasonable, its a two way street Fido is being reasonable and is willing to give you the new plan at the beginning of the new billing cycle but you don't want to be reasonable you want it now. 


You are right its obvious our interpretation of being reasonable is different, so I will end the conversation with you.

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Everything in my favor!? I'm literally asking for Fido to give me what's offered today, today, or something to make up for the difference. Your attitude, as if i'm being petulant, is warped.


By all means, you can stop weighing in, since it's clear you're not doing so to help.

Hey @vanglitch


Welcome to the Community Smiley . We're happy to have you as a customer,thank you for choosing Fido! 


Due to the way data plans work, it is indeed not possible to pro-rate the usage. There is no other way to go about this unfortunately, the new plan will have to start on the next billing cycle. 


I'd like to assure you that you were given the best option possible.