$60 , 10 Gb promo

$60 , 10 Gb promo

$60 , 10 Gb promo

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$60 , 10 Gb promo


I've tried going online and this keeps popping up as I'm trying to check out. I also tried using chrome and explorer, and on the phone and I can't get through. I've had multiple friends who are on Rogers get their plans from someone on the phone yesterday with rogers. (hold time of couple hours but at least they got through).

Calls aren't going through, live chat is not working, online is not working, and ridiculous lines at storefronts.


Somebody help. Thanks!




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Hi there!


Our channels are being overwhelmed by requests.  Our Holideals were more in demand than expected!  I suggest you keep on trying until you get to someone, we're doing our best to answer asap!

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Me too. Calls are not going through -- or after being on hold three different times, Fido just drops your call. I've been waiting on Fido Live Chat for 35 mins now. I wonder if they'll extend the promotion, given that they could not respond to any requests today.

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Been waiting for over 2.5 hrs for live chat.. 5 dropped calls from 611 and the 188 number doesn't work.  Also cannot upgrade online through account - error encountered.