3 mo. Repair Request status

3 mo. Repair Request status

3 mo. Repair Request status

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3 mo. Repair Request status



I've had an open repair request for +3 months now, to repair the screen/SIM card slot of a Pixel 2. I was told by the store manager that repairs could possibly be done as soon as week, but here we are and I haven't heard anything since. I know insurance providers have changed since then as well from Asurion to Brightstar, so I was curious as to how that affects things... 


What's the usual timeframe for a completed repair? At what point can I expect to get a replacement if repairs cannot be done?


Request # 4049272





Hey @bgray85!


That definitely doesn't sound right, if you sent out the phone through the store it should take up to 10 business days.


I'll send you a PM so we can take a closer look at things!

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Hello @bgray85 welcome to the communitySmiley 


I'm really sorry that you having a repair for your pixel 2  have you try calling Asurion at 1-866-327-3399 and ask about your claim? 

From my understanding about your post you have been on open repair request for 3 months it seems the originated ongoing repair started with them they should be able to inform you if they conclude the repair or pass your request to the new protection service.


Let us know the outcome please  Follow up and contact Fido if you need any assistance with thisHere/deviceprotection


I hope this helps you!