$200 bonus credit wasn’t applied

$200 bonus credit wasn’t applied

$200 bonus credit wasn’t applied

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$200 bonus credit wasn’t applied

I got a new device this week, but there was never an indication that the $200 bonus credit would be applied... 

There was no option to select it. I was using desktop site.


I was just getting a second phone for my boyfriend and saw that there was a pop-up to choose the bonus credit, and it shows up on the checkout screen. I was using mobile this time...


will I be able to get cust serv to add the credit to the first phone order?


Hello @cejl,


On the existing line that you got the new device, did you kept your existing plan or did you switch to an in-market plan? 


The reason you probably did not get the $200 credit is that the promotion details states its for in-market plans.


Offers subject to change without notice. A Setup Service Fee of $35 applies to setup your device and related services. The Setup Service Fee is waived through self-serve on fido.ca (but not through Live Chat and Customer Service). If you require device setup in-store thereafter, a $35 Setup Service Fee will apply. Taxes extra.


Offer available online only with activation or upgrade of a new phone on an in-market 2-year plan. Bill credit will appear by your second or third bill.


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I'm a Participant Level 3

I kept my existing plan. I didn’t know that is what was meant by “in-market” plan. I chatted with an agent before ordering the new phone to make sure I understood the deal, and they never mentioned this... i even said I was keeping my plan 😕 

Helo @cejl


That's clearly not the experience we want you to have. Especially if you asked about the credit in the first place! 


Did you get the change to get in touch with customer service to review the situation? 


If not, let us know and we can send you a PM on the Community. 

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I still cannot get a straight answer from customer support if it will be applied. I just got off CS chat, and the agent kept telling me that I would need to "wait and see". I changed both lines and ordered both phones before the Dec 2 deadline of the deal (I have email confirmation of this), but the agent kept saying that because the 2nd phone was shipped on Dec 3rd, it was not within the time of the deal (obviously makes no sense). It's kind of slippery to advertize this deal, but later say it's not valid (based on nothing in the fine print, which I did read...)

Hey @cejl,


Thanks for getting back to us on this. I'd like to take a second look at your account and sort this out, I'm sending you a PM. 


Talk soon.



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I had the same problem, and no one told me that I shouldn't keep my existing plan to get the offer.