2 Year Free Spotify Premium Cancelled Early

2 Year Free Spotify Premium Cancelled Early

2 Year Free Spotify Premium Cancelled Early

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2 Year Free Spotify Premium Cancelled Early

Two years of free Spotify Premium was included with my contract that began in August of 2015. My subscription has been cancelled as of now, 4 months early. My bill is always paid on time. There is no reason for it to be cancelled. This looks to be a common problem from reading these topics. What is going on? 


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Re: 2 Year Free Spotify Premium Cancelled Early

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Hey @BobbyT,



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That's definitely odd! I'll send you a PM in the next few minutes so we can check out your account!


Also, for future reference, if you have any questions related to your account you can also reach out to us through one of the channels found here Smiley

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Hi, I'm having the same issue. My spotify premium account got cancelled without any reason or notice. Can't get it to work anymore. 


Can you please check?

Hey @maxienco!


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How long has your Spotify Premium promotion been ongoing? Keep in mind that as a promotion, this offer is only valid for a limited time and cannot be extended. It's only available for first time users. You can find all the related info here


We'd also be happy to look into it for you. I would invite you to send us a PM/DM on Facebook or Twitter, or reach us at one of these channels here. Alternatively, we can send you a PM on this platform too.


Talk to you soon!

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I am having this same issue. I just spoke with Spotify and they confirmed that my premium subscription was cancelled through Fido.


I would like to know how this can be fixed as this has become one of my favourite apps and it no longer works for me.

Hey @Kalimav,


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I hear you, Spotify Premium is one one apps that I cannot do without either! 


Can you tell me when exactly you got your Pulse plan? The 2 year free subscription started as soon as you changed to a Pulse plan even if you hadn't activated the Premium version right away, so I just want to make sure that it hasn't already been 24 months. 


Also, what happens if you try to re-register? Are you experiencing the same thing as the users on this thread, can you please confirm?



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Hey @FidoClaudia


My plan began on July 9, 2017 so it has definitely not been 24 months yet.


When I tried to re-register nothing changed. It still said I had a free account instead of premium so I'm not sure if that's a glitch on your end or if I mixed something up.

Thanks for clarifying @Kalimav !


If it started in July 2017 this would mean that you had the promo for 6 months and not 24 months, the 24 months was no longer offered at that time. 


This would also mean that the offer is now expired and you would have to add it as a stand alone option!


Let me know if you have any questions.

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My 2 year spotify premium subsription was also cancelled early. I was supposed to have a two year subscription as well and I am now no longer able to use my spotify premium account and was automatically changed to a free subscription. 

Hey @bijalpatel123 and welcome to the Community.


This will need to be looked into. 


To reach us, you can find our contact page here


We can also send you a PM directly here on the Community.


Let us know what would be best for you Smiley





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I am in the same bucket, my spotify premium account got cancelled without any reason, Can't get it to work anymore. 


Can you please check?

Hey @amar2759 and welcome to the Community Smiley



Can you let us know what happens when you try to re-register to Premium on fidohub.ca?



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I'm a Participant Level 3

My 2 years of Spotify Premium also seems to have been deactivated 6 months early. I have not changed my plan. Bill is always paid on time...


The only option in the manage Spofify from the accounts page is to pay for premium. Not sure why anybody would pay Fido rather than Spotify directly...


There are enough people seemingly having this same problem; going back quite some time...

Can we just get a staight answer from Fido as to what exactly is going on?

Former Moderator

Hey @Bwf 


There isn't any issue going on with Spotify Premium being removed. How long did you have it on your account? 

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I'm a Participant Level 3

I've had Spotify on my account since June or July of 2016. 2 years should end in June of 2018.


-Spotify shows that I have a Free account. Only options are to purchase Premium.

-The manage Spotify tab on the Fido.ca account page originally gave me a new code. Entering the new code took me to a page where the only option was to purchase Spotify Premium.

Hey @Bwf!


Do you recall when you first took a Pulse plan? The promo date begins the date the Pulse plan was activated, and not the date the Spotify promo was activated.


To give you an example, if you took a Pulse plan on January 2016, but activated your Spotify promo in July 2016, the promo would end in January 2018 as that is 2 years from the start of your Pulse plan.


Can you confirm if you'd fall under this scenario? Let us know and we'll go from there! Smiley




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I'm a Participant Level 3

I not sure why it is so difficult to make clear... The problem is not my understanding of the terms of the agreement. There is a problem either with Spotify or Fido. Spotify help directs me to Fido to resolve.


I started a Pulse plan in June of 2016. My 2 year phone financing term ends June 23, 2018 so I am guessing it started June 23, 2016 as I started the Pulse plan at the same time as ordering a new phone


No, I have not made any alterations to my plan since then.


When I started the Pulse plan I already had a subscription to Spotify Premium. I do not know the exact date I canceled my former Spotify Premium subscription and switched to the free 2 years included with my Pulse plan. I would guess that would have been within the first week of starting the Pulse plan.


I don't know the exact date Spotify Premium ceased to work. It was sometime in the 2nd or 3rd week of Jan, 2018. It was for sure working Jan 6th, 2018. The first I noticed disruption of the Premium service was the evening of Jan 16, 2018.


On my account / fido.ca it shows Spotify Premium as being included. If I click the manage Spotify button, I am taken to a page which asks me to enter my phone number and a code will be sent to me. Entering the code takes me to a page whch prompts me to either upgrade my plan or purchase Spotify Premium.



June 23, 2016 - Pulse Plan start date.

June or July, 2016 - Free Spotify Premium service activation

January, 2018 - Free Spotify Premium service ceased


Thanks for confirming! I just wanted to have all the information to be certain!

Managing the service through Fido.ca is a newer feature for customers who took a Pulse plan on or after October 25th 2017. Since your Pulse plan started before that date, it's managed through Fidohub.ca


Can you head over to Fidohub and see if it allows you to register again?



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I'm a Participant Level 3

Sure thing...


Same result as the previous 4 times trying a new code...

Options to to upgrade my plan or purchase Spotify Premium.


Sorry, I don”t mean to get frustrated, but this is getting ridiculous...

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Let's take a closer look at this together, Bwf!


Keep an eye out for a PM. 

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is it possible that you may have changed your plan to a plan that no longer includes spotify premium? ie: not a pulse plan

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My premium suddenly stopped working. When I checked my services on fido it says I should still have it. I tried activating it again through fidohub.ca it sends me a code I punch in the code it says get the app I download the app nothing is happening. Help please I just wanna listen to some music.


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