10GB for $60/mo promotion

10GB for $60/mo promotion

10GB for $60/mo promotion

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10GB for $60/mo promotion



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You'll find all the details of the plan on this page..

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Trying to make sense of this offer - says $60 if you bring your own phone. My 24 month plan has expired, account shows $0.00 owing so I would assume that the phone is mine. Tried to change the plan to the $60 (5GB + 5GB bonus) and it shows that there would be $15 add-on charge to the $60. What is the $15 add-on for? Trying to make an existing customer pay for a phone already purchased?

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From what you're describing, your agreement ended and the phone was paid off, therefore I assure you there won't be any additional charges for changing your plan.

Do you have any other monthly add-ons added to your plan? You can check that out on your PDF invoice. If the add-on was added after the current month's bill came out, note that it won't appear on the most recent bill but only on the next one. 


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Is there a reliable to to change my plan to the10GB $60/mo promotion if the site, messanger apps or direct lines aren't reachable? I'm trying to give Fido my money here...

Hey @mttinana! I'll send you a PM in just a minute to help you out Smiley