10GB for $60/mo promotion

10GB for $60/mo promotion

10GB for $60/mo promotion

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10GB for $60/mo promotion

Hi - I would like to change my plan through my account to the $60 for 10 gb plan. I only see a $60 for 5 gb plan available. Can you confirm if this is the correct plan and that the 2 year expiration does not apply on the extra 5gb? And when would I be able to expect to see 10gb confirmation in my account? Thanks!

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Re: 10GB for $60/mo promotion

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Hello @hma12,


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The other 5gb will be added automatically and it will stay for as long as you keep the plan.

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Hello @hma12,


Welcome to the community!


The other 5gb will be added automatically and it will stay for as long as you keep the plan.

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Interesting.  Cause today (1:30pm 19-Dec) when I was talking with the support staff on the phone she said that the additional 5gb will expire after 2 years. 

I am hearing different versions from the support staff over the phone versus the staff who tried to help me first at the store yesterday. 

Please advise.  

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Hi @yoga_m & welcome to the Community!


The 5 GB bonus will stay as long as you keep the plan. Hope this helps. Smiley

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Last night around 10:30 I switched my plan online to $60 5GB BYOP Pulse plan with 5GB bonus and was able to do so successfully. It confirmed me on my account page but no email was sent to me. Upon checking my account this morning, I don't see any 5gb BONUS as per the promotion. Instead I see 6gb of data in total. And under plan details it only shows me 5GB and no bonus data.


Could you please explain this? 


I have already spent hours reaching out to Fido via phone and chat but no luck. I hope I can get a prompt reply regarding this issue.



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Im experiencing the same thing. Ive been trying to reach out to Fido since the promo ended using different channels and still with no luck.  After a week of waiting, I finally got a response through Facebook messenger and I replied but now its been 2 days with no other response.  the online chat has been "waiting for a representative" for a couple hours now as well.   I know its been busy @Fido, keep up the good work but 9 days without a response is a little bit much

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Hey there @jeffong


We're really sorry for the long wait, but worry not, if you're already in conversation via Messenger, they will get back to you as soon as they can. 



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I will hold this reply as confirmation that the $60 / 5gb pulse plan is the correct selection for this 10gb promo if there are any disputes.


This promo was not handled well.  Seems like the system was overwhelmed on all fronts.  MyAccount giving errors, livechat not working, busy signal when trying to dial in.  The worst of all is the confusing/conflicting information when trying to do this online.


Hopefully in the future, promos like this is planned out better.

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Hi! I was able to switch my plan online throughout the day after refreshing my page for hours.  But I haven't received any confirmation email to show that it was successful.  And now it shows I have 7 GB available (I used to have 5GB)... Very confusing! Did you get confirmation by email that it went through? 

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Hi there!


We have no problem in giving out this promotion, if you're happy, we are too! We're just really sorry about the extended delays Sad We've been overwhelmed by requests. 

Regarding the email confirmations, they are sent once the plan is changed. Which means that in most case, you should receive it on your billing cycle date (when your plan will kick-in). 

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My daughter tried to get the 10GB for $60/month with own phone without any luck. As the phone support was to end at 9 pm, I began trying this morning for her phone as well as my son's - both of which are on my plan. I have been calling and trying online and through livechat without success for 2 hours so far. I have been a Fido customer for over 25 years.  Will Fido honour this promotion for valued customers who cannot access it due to technical problems at Fido's end?


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I've couldn't get through last night on the phone  - phone line wouldn't even ring. I went into the store last night and the whole system had crashed. I called his morning and I've been on hold for over an hour. What are my next steps?? The online system and app also are not working. If I am trying to sign up will you honour that and change my plan tomorrow?

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I called 611 several and every time I was able to connect the call went to French without a choice.

Finally, talked in French with my son’s help and change it. However, no email of confirmation yet and I  see  on my fido app  only 8gb.!They is crazy  and wasting my time. I felt they are reluctant to give this promo to their customers otherwise they will lose to the Telus who started first and Telus promo end Dec 18th.

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I experienced the same thing except mine says 6.00 GB available! It must be a system glitch since everyone is trying to do the same thing. It did say the plan details will be refreshed within 48 hours of the plan change so let's hope we'll see accurate information then.