10GB for $60/mo promotion

10GB for $60/mo promotion

10GB for $60/mo promotion

I'm a Participant Level 2

10GB for $60/mo promotion



So firstly, I tried calling you guys for this promotion but I could not get through. I just figured you guys were experiencing a high number of calls so I ignored it. Turns out you don't want to try to help anybody with this promotion! So I try going online to do the promotion myself. However, I am unable to find it online. Pretty sure you guys took it down. I tried for about an hour or so refreshing my computer and on my mobile phone. 


So fast forward I travel to my local Fido store. And of course, there is a line basically going outside the store. So I wait for 15 minutes and I witness a customer on the phone line asking about the promotion. THE PERSON ON THE PHONE'S EXACT WORDS. "We are unable to help you, it would be better off if you were at the store". HE WAS AT THE STORE BECAUSE OF HOW **bleep** THE PHONE LINES ARE. So after that, I tried calling multiple times again. The 1-866 number, the 1-888 number, and the 611 number. And of course, it went from "We are experiencing a lot of calls sorry for the wait." to a few seconds later "Sorry, but our Fido customer service line is closed. We are open from 8AM-9PM" WHEN IT WAS **bleep**ING 6:00. So I say **bleep** it, I'm just gonna wait until I can actually speak to a Fido employee. Waiting there for 2 hours almost (some people for 4 hours), they have the **bleep**ing nerve to say "IM SORRY EVERYONE BUT OUR SERVERS ARE DOWN. WE ARE UNABLE TO DO THE PROMOTION." So I'm **bleep**ing heated. Waiting multiple hours. Trying to get a hold of you guys. I've tried literally everything possible. I DMed you on INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER. I've called EVERY TOLL FREE LINE. AND I TRIED GOING TO LIVE CHAT AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW? IT'S NOT AVAILABLE. So **bleep** you Fido and your stupid **bleep** plan. You guys literally put this plan up to compete with Virgin Mobile. AT LEAST HAVE THE **bleep**ING DECENCY TO PREPARE FOR THIS **bleep**ING PROMOTION. **bleep** you Josée Bourdages and Fadel Chbihna. (Those are the Fido CEOs pretty sure). **bleep** you Fido for making this experience **bleep**ty for every single Fido customer. 


I expected better from you... I switched to Fido strictly because I witnessed better customer care... I don't care about the promotion. I just expected better from you...



Hey @glucosepapi_


Sorry for the delay. We're getting way more requests then usual right now.


No worries, we are still working to answer you ASAP. Your understanding and patience are appreciated.


We can take a look at your account togehther to get this fixed.


I'm sending you a PM now. Talk to you soon.