10GB for $60/mo promotion

10GB for $60/mo promotion

10GB for $60/mo promotion

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10GB for $60/mo promotion

I was looking to switch to this plan. Do I just select the 5GB Pulse plan option for $60 and the bonus 5GB will be added for the next 24 months? It doesn't mention the bonus anywhere once I get to the final checkout. Wanted to be sure I'm selecting the correct plan. Thanks. 

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Re: 10GB for $60/mo promotion

Solved by Former Moderator FidoNick

Hey everyone! I wanted to provide an update that we have regarding this offer Smiley


We're aware that some customers may be missing the 5GB bonus, but there's no need to worry!


At the moment we're working on adding the missing data for everyone who's impacted! We're also going to be adjusting all overages (up to 10GB) Smiley


There's no need to contact us, all of this is done automatically on our end! Very_Happy

Hope this helps Smiley

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@will1211@Didoucet, @ewang, @cstiaa@Garratt@Reizhel_16@bubblybrenda@keventer, @adda, @Moe73


Thank you all for your patience. I'm sending each of you a PM now Smiley 


Chat soon! 


Sending you all PMs now Smiley

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I have also been unable to get hold of anyone to get this deal. PM me please?

@Georgiapeaachh, keep an eye on your imbox. PM on the way! Smiley 

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I tried to get through to Fido for many days with no success. I’ve even visited Fido stores and other resellers only to be told that the systems are down and they can do nothing for me. The all redirected me back to customer support. 


 I’ve been a Fido customer for over 10 years with multiple lines. Please PM me to figure out a solution. 


Thank you in advance 

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Please add me to the list of people that have been trying to call, use the online chat, and self serve with no success. Thanks

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I have been trying to upgrade to the 10gb $60 plan for the past few days and was unable due to the vast demand. Are you able to help me out?



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well seeing I cannot get thru on any options (calling, live chat, on the my account page) I'm hoping that you will be able to apply this to both lines on my account as soon as you have the manpower to do so. I understand you are swamped, but you cannot offer a deal  & then not have it available on the self serve page on line at least.

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Is this promotion now available to existing customers? I read online that it is. I just signed onto a 2 year contract for an iphone 8 and was wondering if there is any way I can change to this plan without paying the outstanding amount owed for the phone? 

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I just changed my plan to 10GB promo @ $60 plan via phone call.


Person who answered the phone told me that it is 5+5gb plan that which 5gb will expire in 2yr.


Which is different from what I read in this forum. Can any mod confirm that I was misinformed and it is actually 10gb?

Hey @hoyk


I moved your post to this thread since it's about the same topic.


You will find your answer on @FidoNick 's solution.

Hope this helps Smiley

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Been trying to get hold of Fido for the past weekend and today.  Phone lines don't work.  Live chat dont work - on wait today now for 5 hrs.  611 keeps dropping my calls.

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i am trying to do this in the my account area... 

there is not plan as such ?




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Here's what I did everyone:

(I'm originally on a BYOD plan so this is from that perspective)


I logged into my account, scrolled down to where I see the button that says my name and has my phone number(with a yellow drawing of a phone on the left, yellow arrow on the right). After, I scrolled down till I saw "Change Plan." Found the $60, 5gb BYOD phone plan. 


If you get an error message like I did, try whole different browser. I was on Chrome, then switched to Microsoft Edge(they finally serve a purpose lol). After you get through, confirm the order and you're good to go. 


After seeing multiple moderators confirm that the $60, 5gb plan is the one that gets the bonus, I trust that. It currently went through for me and I can see that the 5gb has been applied on my account. When I get the bonus, I'll reply with an update.


I hope this helps. Happy Holidays

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I dont see the 60$ for 5 gig option tho..

it just gives all these other ones with 1 gig

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Its was i did for the regular $85 plan under this promo. As i am on a 2yr term. And it says it doesnt incur charges by just changing plan pricing during my term.

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I ended up giving up on chatting with a rep after 3hrs waiting. And just changed my plans to the regular $85 5gb plan that they are saying are with the 5gb +5gb bonus promo. Hoping that this is the case. As i am risking heavy fees for nothing otherwise. As i am just changing my plan. I am hoping there are no fees for this.



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This is a BYOD plan. You would have to pay off your tab before you'd be eligible. What plan did you have before?

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>Keep in mind it can take 2-3 billing cycles for the bonus to take effect, but you will definitely get it!


So does that mean for 2-3 months we could have only 5GB and will be charged the overage rate of basically $70/GB???


I just switched from a plan that had MORE than 5GB, and I regularly use MORE than 5GB... So I'm not really sure what I am supposed to do while waiting for the bonus data to get applied. Is there any way to get it done faster? If I call in, will they be able to do it faster? 

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finally got through phone line after 1h+ on hold

switch two of my accounts to this plan:smileytongue:


I asked about 2-3month lag time but rep said no such thing, says 10gb kicks in right away.

Maybe FidoNick could clarify one moe time...

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Dear Fido: Thank you for the 10GB Data Plan you just gave me. You are truly awesome!


Suggestion: Can you please fire the guy who played the same two songs in a loop into my ears over and over again for 1 hour 28 minutes while I was waiting for the next available sales rep.


I am not complaining about the long waiting time. I understand that you guys were busy. I had a feeling that you did this on purpose just to get rid of some of the impatient people waiting for they turn. 


Next time Please play something nice and relaxing, It doesn't have to be a song. You could play the sound of the metronome with some advertising every now and then.


Thank you again for the 10GB data. I am happy! I hope my next plan will be unlimited data like the ones already offered in the US and Europe! Keep up the good work!