10 year customer leaving

10 year customer leaving

10 year customer leaving

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10 year customer leaving

After 10 years with Fido, it's sad to say I'm gone.  Spoke to customer service and all I wanted was to keep my plan and price exactly the same.  Like a lot of other customers, I plan to buy my phone outright and bring it to Fido.  My price plan went up because of expired credits.  So I'm paying much more for my plan with no new hardware!!!!  Why would I do that if I have to buy my own phone.  Sad to see that Fido doesn't care to keep a loyal 10 year customer.



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Been with Fido for over 10 years and now plan on doing the same since I am no longer on a contract.

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Cath just sent you a PM to look into that with you Smiley 

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I'm sorry to hear you want to leave us. We do have some Bring Your Own Phone ( BYOP ) plans that includes Spotify and Daily Vice for 2 years for free since you want to get a phone full price.


We certainly don't want to see you leave, so I'll send you a PM to check out your best options.