10 gig for $60 promo Backfire!

10 gig for $60 promo Backfire!

10 gig for $60 promo Backfire!

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10 gig for $60 promo Backfire!

Will you leave fido if they do not honor this promo due to their system glitch?  I know i will. 


i am still unable to reach fido but they have taken the time to updated their message to declare they are not offering this deal anymore. 


regardless of why their systems could not handle the influx of cusomers call they should honor this deal.  You cant offer a deal and then provide no way to access it.  A simple solution would have been to offer that deal via online accounts so that cusomers could have just signed up for it themselves.  


I hope they do the right thing




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They did add it to self serve plan change during the weekend. You had to get either the 5gb $85 plan if device is subsidized. Or the byop $60 if no subsidy or planned to buy out the contract.


I updated to the $85 plan just waiting for account to update so it shows the 10gb rather than 5.

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I was thinking of doing same, yesterday there was no plan with 5GB data option. Might have been before.