10% discount not honoured

Service interruption

An update for our valued customers: We know you depend on us and on April 19, we let you down - for this we are truly sorry. You won’t be charged for your wireless services that were impacted on Monday, April 19. A credit equivalent to that day's wireless service fee will be applied to your May bill. This will be done automatically & no action is required by you.

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10% discount not honoured

10% discount not honoured

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10% discount not honoured

Like many people I signed up for the $40 promo plan a few weeks ago when Fido and Virgin offered to match Public Mobile's prices. Spoke with the Fido Representative at the store and was told that the second line would be 10% off so $36 per month (matching Virgin Mobile's deal). I agreed and signed up since the Fido store was closer to where I live. 


Fast forward a week and I get my bill and there's no discount. Got a Fido Representative on the online chat and was told that the discount is not valid because it was a "special promotion" and they would not honour the discount even though it was repeatedly confirmed by the Fido Representative at their authourized dealer. 


I'm wondering if anyone else is running into this problem because there seems to be plenty of stories where people got the discount on the promotion pricing. Is this the kind of service I'm to expect? Time to start looking for at another company already?



Hey  @lexxn


Welcome to the Community. Smiley 


We're always looking to work on getting the best deals and offers for our customers! However certain promotions cannot be combined with other offers, I am sorry to see that there was a misunderstanding about this during your activation. We'd hate to see leave! 


I'll send you a PM so we can further discuss this together.